Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Brings SO Much Beautiful (and Getting to Better)


Logo use with permission of, and linked back to, Getting to Better

See Beautiful is thrilled to name (drum roll, please!) Getting to Better as our April Sponsored Project of the month!

When it comes to seeing beautiful, one of the most wonderful parts of what we get to do is raise awareness for, and donate to, wonderful non-profit organizations. April is a little different because we've partnered with a wonderful organization who makes this world a better place, and they're in the process of transitioning to a non-profit. Being that we see beautiful, this thinking, and their wonderful mission, was perfect for us to sponsor one of their beautiful projects! April's featured project of the month comes from, Getting to Better and they leave us completely inspired. We are honored and humbled to sponsor a project via Getting to Better and share information about the wonderful work with which they are engaged. We have no doubt their work will leave you moved as well!

Founder of Getting to Better, Stephen De Groot, has committed his life's work to making the world better. Serving children in foster care and working to provide professional development to foster families, educators, social workers, school counselors, and more, Stephen serves as a conduit for children and adults to get better - and it's beautiful.

Why Getting to Better?

Visit their website and the first thing you'll see is the quote from Stephen De Groot, "Rarely, if ever, are great people made or great things achieved, without the support of others." This offers a glimpse into the foundational premise of his work. Keep reading about Steve and you learn that he grew up wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of others. He and his twin brother, Dave, simply put, "wanted everyone to be happy." Seeing even more beautiful, us too? 

Tragically, Steve's brother Dave passed away suddenly in May of 2010. Steve was faced with the decision to live out their goal of making the world better without Dave. Steve writes, "Despite wanting to give up and give in to this massive loss (as I seriously considered) I decided that Dave’s heart and my life must continue with the same kind, gentle, energetic loving and giving spirit. However, without David, I don’t feel as superhuman, as strong – and it is hard to admit that I can’t do this alone. I need help. I need help to help others. Therefore, as the Getting to Better Initiative takes shape and begins to grow the goal continues to be quite simple; make the lives of as many people as possible BETTER (De Groot, 2012)."
Making the lives of as many people as possible BETTER is exactly what he does through his seminal work with social services. This work with children in the foster care system and professional development for adults working with children in the foster care system is what inextricably hooked us.

How does Getting to Better see & spread beautiful?
There are so many ways we're inspired by Getting to Better and the myriad ways they see beautiful. Here are just a few:
  • G2B seeks to provide an infrastructure for others the get better through (1) professional development; (2) children in the foster care system; (3) newsletters offering strategic activities for all to feel better;
  • G2B seeks to work directly with children in foster care to empower them to see more beautiful in themselves and the world;
  • G2B seeks to empower educational stakeholders to be better involved in the lives of young children through various workshops. These workshops include (1) relationship recovery and resilience; and (2) effective discipline for building respectful, responsible, and resilient youth.

How will See Beautiful support Getting to Better?
See Beautiful™ donates a portion of every product sale to Getting to Better throughout the month of April. Since G2B is not yet a non-profit organization, we are going to support a project of G2B's! The amount of money we're able to donate will designate the extent of the project. We're hoping to be able to send a group of children in the foster care system to a professional hockey game to cheer on their home hockey team in Manitoba! Whew-whoo!!

Connect with Getting to Better in the following ways:

Are you looking for a tangible reminder to see beautiful, or know someone who needs one? Check out our See Beautiful products (and feel good knowing a portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to charity. This month a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Getting to Better. Click HERE.   



  1. Once again, thanks for "paying it forward"...I scooted over to FB and of course hit "LIKE" with such a strong Mission Statement and undying devotion on his part!...:)JP

  2. What an inspiring gentleman and such a great dedication. Also, hit like... want to watch where G2B goes as a non-profit as well. Thank you See Beautiful for introducing us to G2B. 

  3. What a great organization...hats off to Getting to Better for making a difference!

  4.  That's wonderful! Thanks so much for visiting them. The work they do is spectacular! Happy seeing beautiful!

  5.  Exactly! We knew you'd see tons of beautiful in the work of G2B!

  6.  Thanks for showing your support. They're a sensational group of people!

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