Sunday, December 2, 2012

Invitation to Capture Beautiful

We are so proud of the work our December non-profit, The Pet Area at the Lantern House, is doing to create more beautiful in the world. In honor of the way they are creating beautiful, we're inviting you to capture it. Throughout the month of December, when you see beautiful, snap a picture of it and send it to or share it on our facebook page HERE and we'll add your picture to the growing slideshow on our homepage.

Here's the best part, our growing images of seeing beautiful will not only honor such special glimpses of beautiful from around the world, but we'll also be donating $1 a picture up to AT LEAST $1,000 (oh, and please share this invitation with others, the more submissions the more beautiful). 

We also wanted to share a beautiful reflection written by Carol Campbell who shared this opportunity with her friends. The way she's captured the neccesity to capture and share this beautiful is seminal. Oh, and the picture at the end of the blog? That's her sweet Murphy - her donation to the Pet Area at the Lantern House and her furry friend who fills her life with seeing beautiful. Thank you, Carol!

By Carol Campbell:

It seems to me that all the attention given to the video of the NYC police officer (buying boots for the homeless man) means that we as a people are hungry to See Beautiful. The stress and drudgery of 

the demands in our lives have too often left our eyes clouded or even blinded to the beauty that surrounds us each and every day. Our hearts have grown numb to See Beautiful in an effort to protect us from the glaring pain left behind when we witness the deficiencies of humankind. But I believe that we are created to See Beautiful and that is why things like this video resonate so deeply within us. When we finally do See Beautiful, we are filled with joy and one again witness the beauty within our own human spirits.

With this spirit in mind, I ask you to challenge yourselves to See Beautiful. Open your mind, eyes and hearts to be touched. And when you do See Beautiful, I ask you to grab your cell phone or camera and capture that moment in a photo. The creators of the See Beautiful website have generously offered to donate $1 (up to $1,000) to our local homeless shelter (specifically the pet area that is part of the new facility design at St. Anne's AKA Lantern House) for every photo sent in. (Be sure to include an explanation of why you See Beautiful in the photo.) Email your photos to I thank you and the pet of a homeless person thanks you.


  1. Thanks . . . I am humbled.

  2. Hey I know that cute little Murphy. Again there is not thanks enough that can be offered to See Beautiful for the many ways you offer beautiful to us and inspire us to see in in the world and in ourselves. And the beautiful way you are supporting the Pet Area at St. Anne's/Lantern House. Yes thank you is not enough, but it is deeply heart felt.

  3. What a beautiful picture!!! You help us to see beautiful every single day and I thank you for that! xo Jeanne


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