Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jello is Beautiful

We often find beautiful in the most unlikely places, but when Pastor Michelle Perry, from the wonderful Gospel of Goose, mixed Jello and snow, viola, more beauty joined the world! 

Not only is the message quite, well you know, beautiful, but the message Michelle included about the unlikely relationship between jello and snow could save your life. 

Shared by Gospel of Goose

Shared by Gospel of Goose
From Michelle:

"You might wonder why I keep Jello (the regular kind not the sugar free) in my winter hiking gear.  It's a good question.  It has a couple of good uses.  One being if you get lost and need some carbs/sugar then you have it.  It's light to carry and if you take the bag out of the box it packs real nice.  But the main reason I pack it with me is this.  Lets say you are hiking or backpacking in the winter with snow.  And you get lost.  Of course the best thing to do is when you realize you are lost is to stop and stay where you are. Hopefully someone knows where you have gone and when you should return and if you don't they will send help.  After you get set up in a place to spend your time waiting (making sure it is near a clearing so you can be seen from the ground as well as the air)   the Jello comes in.  In that clearing take the Jello and write out a signal or sign to indicate where you are.  The Jello almost glows and is very bright and can be seen from a great distance, especially from the air.  I like the colors red and blue best.  They show up real well.  {a side note, in the spring,summer and fall it is best to have a blue bandanna or shirt.  Blue is the color that shows up best in these months because it is the most unnatural color in the mountains and forest, so it really stands out and helps searchers locate you}.
So there you have it folks. An image of beautiful and an message that can save your life. Jello truly is beautiful.
Thank you so much, Michelle, for all the beauty you offer so many.
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  1. Bet ya never look at Jello the same way. hahaha JELLO IS BEAUTIFUL for sure in more ways than one, much like each and everyone of us.

  2. Who knew jello had so many practical purposes!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. What a great Post! Michelle is the best! Goose - did yous eat he colored snow?

  4. Wow!!! Michelle and Goose are just full of all kinds of interesting information!! I never will look at jello the same again!! Thanks so much and Happy New Year to you!! xo Jeanne


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