Friday, April 12, 2013

Pay It Forward and Hop Along for BullsEye Rescue

We're hopping up and down for our April Non-Profit, BullsEye Rescue, who we have a hunch will leave you all seeing beautiful in this moment! The beautiful individuals running and volunteering for BullsEye Rescue are working to reverse the stereotype of dog breeds often dubbed "bullies" to help the community at large see beautiful in their innate kind, loyal, loving demeanor. This non-profit, started just a wee year ago, strives to rescue and re-home Bully Breeds, one of the most in-need in the Southern United States (specifically in animal control facilities, backyards, and the streets). As their website purports, they're a "very small rescue with a really big heart - and huge dreams." We found this to be true when meeting the founder, Carla, and her absolutely beautiful pit bull, Foo. Carla's bio reads that she was the kid who rescued lizards in Miami just to make sure their tails grow back. That line right there had See Beautiful written all over it. It was through the adoption of Foo that she came to understand the overwhelming majority of breeds in animal control were bully breeds and it became her life's work to help them. We find it quite special that this group of loving individuals is seeing so much beautiful in pups that many don't. We also find so much inspiration in the fact they're creating so much beautiful for dogs and their families through their commitment to bettering humanity for us all!
Logo used with permission and linked back to site.
So, on our pay it forward Friday, where we're seeing beauty in this moment, here are TWO things you can do to support them.

1. For every new person who LIKES See Beautiful's Facebook page from now until the end of April, we're donating $1, up to $1,000 to BullsEye Rescue. That shared, if you haven't liked See Beautiful yet, well by golly, now's a beautiful time because it benefits their work!

2. For every one of our See Beautiful tags (designed and made by the pawsome Sugar's Paw House) we sell every Friday through Sunday throughout the month, we're donating a matching tag to BullsEye Rescue so every pup who finds their forever home will go there helping others see beautiful.    


  1. This non-profit is so on "Target". We are sharing about it every chance we get.

  2. What a great way to help the dogs. Awesome, and beautiful.

  3. Woof! Woof! What a GREAT April's no for profit. We will share it on our FB Page. We are currently making more SB. Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Wonderful! I'm heading over to FB because I'm not sure if I've liked you yet. I do "like" you :) I just may not have announced yet on FB :)


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