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See Beautiful Family: The Gonzales Family

The Gonzales Family

We're spicing things up in an awesome way here at See Beautiful. We've selected an amazing "See Beautiful Family" to support through their adoption process and YOU can be a part! Here's the deal: 1) The Gonzales Family (read about their awesomeness below) is adopting a child from Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). 2) We want to support them and help alleviate the financial burden.

Here's how YOU can be a part of bringing their child home: 
      1) Buy a See Beautiful bracelet;
     2) IMPORTANT: During the check out process write "For the Gonzales Family"
     3) You'll receive a See Beautiful bracelet that we'll personally stamp "DRC" in the cuff of. It's a wonderful reminder that there is so much beautiful in the DRC and adoption. It can also serve as a perfect reminder for us all to see beautiful, knowing you helped support a family bring their child home.

WHAT WE DO: We'll donate $10 out of every $15 bracelet sale to the family to help fund their adoption! Whew-whoo!

So, if you’re willing to spend a few dollars to help the Gonzales Family see beautiful (and receive a beautiful reminder of your giving too), please visit our PRODUCTS page and remember to tell them you bought a bracelet for the “GONZALES FAMILY” in the “special instructions” section at check out.

Thank you all for supporting the Gonzales Family through this adoption process.
Photo courtesy of the Gonzales family.
Photo courtesy of the Gonzales family.

Celebrate the Gonzales family on their blog HERE.

The Gonzales' Adoption story, written by Mom, Kristie Gonzales:

Adoption was always something I (Kristie) knew I wanted to do. In college I had the opportunity to study abroad and work in an orphanage. I fell in love with the kids. Leaving them was hard and I knew I wanted/ needed to do more. Four years later I traveled to Guatemala for work. I fell in love with the city and the children. I was able to visit the special needs orphanage and my heart was broken for these children. In both Mexico and Guatemala, when I would arrive at the orphanages the children would smother me. They craved attention, contact, interaction, and mostly love. And they had so much to give. Their hearts were big and open even in the face of adversity. They just wanted what everyone else wanted: a family, someone to hug them and tuck them in at night, comfort them when they fall, someone to read them a story while sitting in their lap, and someone to tell them they ARE loved. My heart broke every day I left them, and then when I returned. I wondered if they ever found someone to love them; a family of their own.

When my husband and I started talking about having a family we knew we wanted to have a child of our own and then adopt internationally. From a Latin American country since we both spoke Spanish. After a few years of trying I was told it was pretty unlikely I would ever have kids and we knew that adoption was always the way God meant for our family to grow. My husband and I decided to adopt an infant since you only bring home your first baby once. That means we went domestic. We were open to trans-racial adoption (for reference I’m Caucasian and my husband is Hispanic) and searched for an agency that would meet our needs, even though it meant going out of our home state. We were quickly matched with an African American baby boy and were thrilled. Before he was discharged from the NICU we were told he had a condition called Neurfibromitosis and would need multiple doctor appointments and specialists throughout his life. While signing his paperwork there was a sign on the wall in the adoption agency that read “God doesn’t give you what you can handle. God helps you handle what you are given.” This quote is true in our situation. Through God’s grace Hudson received therapy and is currently on track for development. It has been extremely tough at times and without God’s presence I’m not sure we would have made it through.

We knew our family wasn’t complete and we had love in our hearts for another child. It was still weighing on our hearts to adopt internationally. Knowing we wanted our children to have the same ethnicity we changed from thinking about adopting from Latin America to Africa. After researching different countries we felt led to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This adoption is a completely different experience. After three lost referrals from the DRC,  we still have faith in the process and our agency and we can look at the DRC and and still "see beautiful."
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