Tuesday, September 10, 2013

428 DAYS

428 by Brian Williams

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Brian Williams is on a mission - and it's a beautiful one. For 28 days, explore change. Try something new - or rededicate yourself to something you wish you did more of - but for 28 days, just do it. On his website, he invites us all to take this journey to experience and reflect upon the challenge of change. He asks, "What do you think would happen if you change your life in one small way for 28 days?" And our thoughts about taking on this challenge seem to mirror Ghandi's beautiful sentiment that we "must become the change we want to see in the world." What if 428 days of committing yourself to 15 different foci is a gateway to being THAT change?

We are so honored that Brian's inaugural 28 day challenge is one of seeing beautiful. Thus, for 28 days, Brian will make a conscious effort to seek and embrace seeing beautiful. The first blog post couldn't be more perfect (you'll have to experience that beauty for yourself by reading it here). Thank you, Brian, for focusing on a mission to create change - it is sure to reveal seeing the world in a different, perhaps more beautiful, way.


  1. On way my to his link and read his mission 428...thanks for BEING BEAUTIFUL and sharing!...:)JP

  2. Now this is something MOM and I are down for. Brian is one beautiful guy. To him I say WOOOO HOOOO Brian.


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