Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meet the Cotterell Family!

When it comes to seeing beautiful, one of the most wonderful parts of what we get to do is raise awareness for, and donate to, wonderful non-profit organizations. This month's non-profit leaves us seeing beautiful and feeling inspired in so many ways! 

Why these three families from Africa Adoption Services?
This month we have the honor of letting the Ackler, Cotterell, and Whitver families tell you WHY this feature is so beautiful. Please read their stories below and learn about how your purchase of seeing beautiful creates more opportunities to grown beautiful by uniting families!

Today, enjoy getting to know the beautiful Cotterell Family:

Last January my husband, James, and I sat across from each other at a local pizza joint and he unveiled his growing desire to adopt a child who was in need of a family.  It was a thrilling and surprising moment because we had discussed the topic of adoption off and on for over twelve years and we were never unified on the topic.  My heart had always been drawn to adoption but I had let go of the idea years ago because James did not feel compelled to grow our family this way.

Two years ago we started sponsoring a little girl "K" in Ethiopia.  James loved exchanging letters with K and was very moved by the way our small contribution was changing her and her family's life.  As we sat in the restaurant he explained to me how much K had changed his heart.  He decided to give one child the love and care of a family that he wished he could give them all. 

In late February we took our first big step and began our adoption process.  In our minds we pictured adding one more child to our family of six.  After all, we had one extra seat in the minivan so what could be more perfect?  Our perfect little plan wasn't God's plan, however.  He had something much bigger in mind.  We were approached with the opportunity to adopt three little girls from the Democratic Republic of Congo in April.  For a brief moment we tried to turn away and justify that one or two children would be a much more logical choice for our family.  After all, we already had four children and three of them were girls!  But we couldn't stop looking at their little picture.  We couldn't turn away.  We couldn't shuffle aside.  We couldn't justify.  Within twenty four hours we knew that we wanted to be Mommy and Daddy to these girls.  At the time we did not know that they had been brought in to their orphanage within the same week or two that we had felt compelled to take our first step and begin our home study months before. After all those years of indecision, we had unknowingly pressed the "go" button on this crazy adoption journey at the precise moment our children needed us to come for them. 

We are thrilled to be in the process of adopting three sisters, age 6, 4, and 2 from the war-torn country of Congo. Of course adding three to our four does not come without significant challenges.  For now, our biggest challenge is saving enough money to cover the adoption costs.  (Approximately $60,000).  We have faith that our God will help us accomplish this enormous task!  We are SO grateful to See Beautiful for generously donating a portion of their September sales to help us bring our girls home!  

Connect with the Cotterell family on their blog HERE.


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