Monday, September 16, 2013

See Beautiful Night on the Town with The Path Project Girls

Researchers have shown that girls entering the teenage years can reveal a departure from seeing beautiful in themselves and the world. The right hair style, clothes, size, shape, straightness of teeth, etc., etc., etc., start a list of judging - done to self - that teenage girls often invite into their lives. This is part of the reason See Beautiful exist; we want to erase the judging list and empower girls to create a celebration list of themselves and all the beauty they possess and create by simply and awesomely being THEM.

Enter: The Path Project Girls. They get it. They see beautiful.

We had the honor of spending a "See Beautiful Night on the Town" with almost 20 girls from The Path Project and it was a night chocked full of seeing and celebrating beautiful. When asked how we could create more beautiful in the world the girls were quick and eager to come up with service projects to empower others. And the best part? We're gonna do it. Meeting with these amazing teenage girls reveals empowerment, giving, kindness, and love oozing from the population of humanity researchers say struggle most with seeing beautiful. How refreshing to see that these girls embody the exact opposite. Please celebrate our See Beautiful night on the town with us:

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  1. Well my MOM and I are just all smiles watching that.No seriously I am looking at my MOM and she just can't stop smilin'. Each and everyone of them is beautiful and and.... well I just love watching that video. That is a night n the town we both would loved to be apart of.

  2. I love the smiles on these girls. They look confident and proud in a group where it is safe to just "be". So many times while teaching I saw the devastating effects of teenage cruelty and judgement. Sadly our guidance counselors are so consumed with standardized testing administration nowadays that they have no time to act as counselors. I wish every school could have a See Beautiful group.


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