Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy (and Hopping) Seeing Beautiful

A few years ago a beautiful woman coined the term "a happy" for out-of-the-blue gifts (or "happy's") she would give to people. If you were the recipient, you didn't expect it, though it most certainly made you feel loved. While shopping, if she noticed something that made her think of someone else, "a happy" was discovered. Many "happy" recipients started doing the same thing in a "Pay It Forward" sort of movement. "A Happy" doesn't have to cost money. It could be the simple act of leaving a "thinking about you" or "have a great day" post-it note message on a co-worker's door or picking flowers from your yard for a friend or neighbor. It could mean leaving a "thank you" note in your mailbox for your mailman/mailwoman, or leaving a little extra tip for your server when you're out to eat.

You see, a beautiful thing happens during the act of giving "a happy," the giver feels it, happy that is. And THAT is a beautiful way to see beautiful in this golden moment as well. For those of you here hopping around with happiness and seeing beautiful, thank you. We hope you can take this pay it forward idea and spread more beautiful out there!

In the act of giving, one might see a little more beautifully. And when one receives, it is a truly happy feeling.

A little "happy" is a great way to See Beautiful.
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  1. Hi there! I am just hopping by to say Happy Seeing Beautiful! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  2. What a incredibly beautiful thing. A Happy. I LIKE it and will for sure add doing happies to our life. You, See Beautiful, add a lot of happies to many many lives. Thank you!

  3. A happy is great, it really needs no money, it's priceless.

  4. My Ma loves giving "happys" to makes her so happy, even if it is just something very small. A great way to spread a little more See Beautiful in this world.

  5. I did a post earlier in the week where someone recognized my from nearly thirty years ago, saying "people always remember the good ones" made me feel like I was on cloud nine!...:)JP

  6. So TRUE and a simple SMILE surely makes one HAPPY. Golden Happy to See Beautiful. Golden Happy many of our doggie friends joined us and sharing the Beauty they experience. Lots of Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar n mom


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