Monday, November 4, 2013

See Beautiful Woman of the Month: Rhina Fernandes Williams

Rhina Fernandes Williams is beautiful. She radiates it. She creates it. She celebrates it. She lives it. Creating beautiful, that's what she does.

Rhina's beauty reverberates from her teaching, writing, speaking, parenting, relationships, giving, laughter, love, and presence. Visit Rhina's blog and you'll immediately see what we mean. Her writing is capable of moving another to laughter, tears, and action. Her writing has the ability to deepen relationships and make you look forward to new chapters in your life (we know, its happened to us repeatedly). Rhina shares her truth with others and that willingness to share is a gift that can move us all forward, while nudging us gently to reflect as well.

She creates beautiful in the classroom with young children and "older-ish" college students. Her invitations to think more deeply, more critically, more thoughtfully, and more beautifully about the world have changed lives (again, we know, we've seen it happen). Rhina helps so many peel back the outer layers of "self" and dig inward to understand how experience, beliefs, values and life in general can be used to empower and inspire. She is an inspiration to so many. Her beauty radiates. She passes on this beauty by sharing it and that's making the world a better place every day.

Rhina's laugh in infectious. Her kindness is the type that immediately makes you feel like you're sitting with a wonderful friend in short minutes. Watching her with her children is moving. Listening to her teach is a gift. Reading her writing is, and will continue to be, life changing. Calling her a friend is an honor. Knowing she shares herself to create more beauty in humanity is a perfect example of what the world needs more of. 

Rhina is an artist at life and she's created a beautiful one. What's even more special is that she shares it with the world. It's is a gift for us all. Thank you, Rhina. Thank you so much.

See Beautiful Woman of the Month:  
                                                                     Unlocking Beautiful
                                                       Written by Rhina Fernandes Williams

I have spent the last 24 hours trying to think of what to write about how I see beautiful in the world. I’ve felt stuck. Writing usually comes to me naturally, but none of my everyday inspiration seems to be showing up today. I finally sat down in front of my computer and put my hands on the keyboard and am now telling you all about it in the hopes that the keys will have their own inspiration.

Keys. Keys are beautiful. Keys open things. Keys open doors and treasure boxes and diaries and homes. Often, keys open things that are valuable. Things that we want to protect or only get into when we’re ready. What’s inside is often special. But not only do keys open things, keys have to be USED to open things. Someone has to turn the key. Keys are nothing on their own and they are nothing in the wrong hands or in the wrong keyhole. Keys are specific to the one who holds them and also to the treasure they unlock.
Keys are beautiful because they remind me that we all carry all kinds of keys with us to all kinds of treasures. Some of the keys are for treasures just for us, but some keys are meant to be given to their rightful owners to unlock their treasures. And the moments that we find ourselves witness to or responsible for a key getting into the right hands that unlock the right treasures are simply beautiful. I guess these are the moments in which I see what’s most beautiful in the world. It’s when one human heart leans into another and whispers a kind word or brave word that is the key the other heart uses to open up a life she dreamed of. It’s when one human hand quietly holds the frail, sick hand of another and in their silence offers a key that unlocks a door to peace. It’s the moment when a teacher teaches from the heart and a student unlocks a way to understanding the world from the heart first.

And, of course, it’s when one beautiful human being starts a movement to toss beautiful keys daily to everyday people who toss them to others who toss them to others until all the beautiful that was locked up inside them is out in the world for all to see. Thank you See Beautiful for these daily keys to help us unlock the beautiful inside us so that we can better see the beautiful in others.
I think I’m done now! Who would have guessed that sitting in front of my computer and placing my hands on a keyboard would be my inspiration. Turns out, we can find inspiration to see beautiful in everyday mundane things such as the keys on a keyboard. Here’s hoping this little piece of writing is a key for you to see beautiful today.
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  1. Beautiful! What a lovely, inspiring way to start out the day.

  2. Simply beautiful.


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