Thursday, January 9, 2014

See Beautiful In this Moment with Excessive Generosity


Many people begin a new year with new resolutions. Researchers show that the way you live in the first 60 days of the new year greatly impacts how you will spend the next 305. Jeff Shinabarger, founder of Plywood People, our non-profit of the month, invites us all to live differently with excessive generosity. If you ask us, it's a beautiful way to live - and while we're already a few days into 2014, it's never too late to start (or further commit) to this lifestyle of giving.

In his inspiring TedEx talk, Shinabarger invites us to think about choosing to live with less, affording us the opportunity to GIVE more. It is true that each of us has something to give to help empower someone else. Generosity doesn't have to represent handing over those historic American presidents floating around in your wallet. In fact, as Jeff says, "Sometimes we don't need more gifts, sometimes we just need each other's presence." That's generosity. That's beautiful.

To see beautiful in this moment, to hop around to other blogs, to pass others on a street corner, to rub shoulders with a stranger on a train, provide us with an invitation to live with excessive generosity. To give more and live on less. To smile more and frown less. To laugh more and sigh less. To share more and need less. To hug more and feel lonely less. To listen more and talk less. To accept more and be close-minded less. To rescue more and fail less. To empower more and feel sorry for less. To support more and degrade less. To understand more and shut out less. To welcome more and fear less.

To see beautiful more and close your eye and heart less.

This is a beautiful life. This is one where there is so much beauty to be seen in every moment.

To learn more about Jeff Sinanbarger and his inspiring mission, check out his beautiful books:
More or Less
From Clouds to Concrete

You can also connect with Plywood People HERE.


  1. We will go over and check out the website! We enjoy spending our See Beautiful Hops with you Lydia and thank you ever so much for the fabulous soap and bumper sticker!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  2. That sounds wonderful! I like the idea anyway, beautiful way to think about life. And I want to say thanks so much for the beautiful gift. I love it!!!

  3. If only more would live this way, the world would be a better place. I love the chalk board with "more" and "less". What a great reminder for every day! Happy to See Beautiful with you!

  4. Mom and I love this "To see beautiful more and close your eye and heart less." and so true
    we are all often in such a hurry to do things we forget to take a moment to see the sunrise,
    watch the birds and even the squirrels scurrying around on a cold day for food, and most of all we all need to say I love you more!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  5. I think the message of focusing on excessive generosity is so important, especially now a days when it seems we celebrate excessive materialism. Thank you!

  6. Great post. I love the statement about needing each others' presence. I think that's especially true today when everyone around you can be so plugged in to their phone!

    Thanks again for the gift!

  7. Love it, love it love it...thanks for paying it forward, as usual!

  8. oh oh you know my MOM and me are all over this. LOVE LOVE his book More or Less. We have shared it many people. Excessive generosity is a very beautiful way to live.

  9. I love this post. The more and less chalkboard is a fantastic visual prompt to see and be more generous/beautiful. Hope you don't mind if I pin it. I want to read the More or Less book now. I hope it's available for Kindle. Thank you for the generous gift of Mimosa Soap!

  10. More or Less IS available on Kindle, just so others will know.

  11. This was a great post and so uplifting. Will have to check out his books. Thank you Lydia, Rosalyn and Sugar for my great See Beautiful package. I will be posting up a formal thank you later but for now you all are too kind and thank you for sharing your beauty with me.

  12. More and less...great post

  13. Beautiful post and beautiful blog! Glad I found you and this has really cheered me up! :) thanks x


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