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March Brings SO Much Beautiful - In a HANDS ON THE WORLD (HOW GLOBAL) Kind of Way!

The "BUY FOR GOOD" See Beautiful™ Way:
See Beautiful™ is committed to making this world a more beautiful place!
Now you can create more beautiful in this world by simply "buying for good" to support our rotating monthly causes. We donate 20% of every purchase to a non-profit each month. Want more beautiful? All of our products (and packaging) are eco-friendly and/or fair trade.

Featured Giving of the Month:  HOW GLOBAL

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When it comes to seeing beautiful, one of the most wonderful parts of what we get to do is raise awareness for, and donate to, wonderful organizations. This month's organization leaves us seeing beautiful and feeling inspired all over the world – in a “thirst quenching way”! 
Why HOW GLOBAL? Founder of HOW GLOBAL, Rachael Paulson, lives to grow beautiful in the world in a “hands on” kind of way. After connecting with Rachael, I often find myself wondering, "What doesn’t she do?" She’s in Haiti working to bring water to an orphanage and village. She’s in Ghana providing life-saving filter straws for young boys being held as slaves to tend cattle. She’s project managing the drilling of a water well in South Africa. She’s sustaining community gardens in multiple continents with her “Green Community Hubs.” She’s fighting for women’s rights across the globe. She’s writing children’s books to inspire young children (and old) to grow more respect for the earth. And my friends, this is barely the tip of the iceberg. The work HOW GLOBAL does is changing the world.
HOW GLOBAL sees beautiful – where many others don’t. They also create beautiful through raising awareness, inspiring communities, and fostering accountability and transparency to help in reducing poverty, hunger, and disease that affects billions around the world. One of our favorite parts of HOW GLOBAL is the community-based methodology to unite and empower community members to use schools, clinics and orphanages as the “base” to foster community involvement, establish accountable local leadership, address gender inequities, provide HIV prevention, and clean water and food security.

See…we told you there’s not much they don’t do but they know it all starts with bringing clean water!
What’s even cooler? HOW Global is celebrating World Water Day on March 22nd and See Beautiful is getting involved! HOW Global is traveling to Ghana this month to distribute Life Straws to those where clean water isn’t readily accessible. See Beautiful is helping make the trip and delivery of those Life Straws possible (keep reading to learn more)!

In Ghana, HOW GLOBAL will also be motivating community leaders with workshops on water and sanitation.
How is See Beautiful supporting HOW GLOBAL 
We are so excited to help in the delivery of Life Straws to Ghana this month! We’re supporting HOW GLOBAL’s travels in a couple ways:
  1. For every See Beautiful product sale, we donate 20% of our sales to HOW GLOBAL to deliver these Life Straws.
  2. We’re offering our See Beautiful community the opportunity to donate the delivery of a Life Straw to a community in need of accessibility to clean water. If you have enough, but would like to donate in general, see the "Life Straw Donation" below.
  3. HOW GLOBAL is celebrating World Water Day in a most beautiful way! You can get involved in their endeavors by reading more HERE.

Donate the delivery of your own Life Straw to a community member in Ghana:
How it works: Add a Life Straw to your shopping cart. Upon check out, you're $20 donation will be sent directly to HOW GLOBAL to assist them in the delivery of Life Straws to Ghana.


Connect directly with HOW GLOBAL and learn more about the beautiful work they're doing.
  • On the web:
  • Donate directly to HOW Global and click on the donate button and be sure to note that  you wish for a life straw to be donated in your name.
  • Check out (and purchase) one of Rachael Paulson’s children’s books that benefit her HOW Global by emailing and put the book order in the title.
  • Find out how your school , church or organization can adopt a village project by emailing Rachael Paulson HERE.

Your purchase helps HOW GLOBAL deliver Life Straws to a community in Ghana.

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