Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Brings SO Much Beautiful For The Farmer and ALL from Kula Project

Featured Giving of the Month:  KULA PROJECT
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See Beautiful is thrilled to name (drum roll, please!) KULA PROJECT as our featured giving of the month!
When it comes to seeing beautiful, one of the most wonderful parts of what we get to do is raise awareness for, and donate to, wonderful organizations. This month's organization leaves us seeing beautiful and feeling inspired and leaves to world a better place!
"Kula" means "to eat" in Swahili, making the name of this amazing non-profit organization a perfect one. The Kula Project sees beautiful in developing communities, in farmers and in equipping those farmers and their families to create sustainable communities for all. Kula Project has a seminal focus on investing in farmers to help eliminate poverty - as farmers are the "life blood" of the community - impacting both education and healthcare in developing communities. Kula Project writes, "When you invest in a farmer, they are twice as likely to eliminate poverty than if you invested in any other sector of development" (Kula Project, 2014). Understanding this, Kula Project has created a way to empower farmers, equip them with the best high quality seed, and access to a fair trade buyer.
Image used with permission and linked back to Kula Project.
KULA PROJECT currently sees and creates beautiful in Rwanda. Where many farmers in Rwanda have limited access to water, resources, food storage and markets, it is difficult for farmers to generate enough income to feed and sustain their families. Kula Project states the "average cost of a small coffee farm is $3000, where the average annual income is $636" (Kula Project, 2014). And this is where Kula Project gets even more beautiful: THEY equip the farmer.  They support the farmer. They provide ongoing education and access for the farmer. They create opportunity where there was none - for the farmer - and the farmer's family - and the local schools - and the local healthcare - and the list goes on and on and on. When you invest in the farmer you invest in the entire community. The ripple effect of seeing and creating beautiful from the Kula Project is incredible.

How are we supporting Kula Project this month? In two ways: 1) See Beautiful is sending 20% of all our product sales this month BACK to KULA PROJECT to support their farmer's and their beautiful initiatives. When you make a See Beautiful purchase, you are supporting a farmer, his/her family, and community in Rwanda. Doesn't get much more beautiful than that, eh? AND 2) We are thrilled to now be selling See Beautiful Bow ties from Kula Project, made by Justine in Rwanda!

Connect directly with KULA PROJECT and learn more about the beautiful work they're doing.



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