Thursday, May 8, 2014

See Beautiful in Passing It On and Hopping Along

It's hard to believe its been two years since we started the See Beautiful in this Moment Blog Hop with other inspirational bloggers! Today, we see beautiful in the way its been passed on and the hope for continued sharing and celebrating beautiful.

In our own celebration, we'll be donating (along with some of our other hosting bloggers) $1 to St. Anne's Center Homeless Shelter to every blogger who joins the hop and sees beautiful with us.

Further, simply passing on the message to see beautiful in yourself and others and to create more of it in the world is seminal to what we do day in and day out. So here's to passing it on and finding peace and contentment in your own kind of beautiful!


  1. We always enjoy the words and photos on this hop. Have a beautiful day!

  2. St. Anne's has special meaning for Mom for other reason, but she is happy to join in a fundraiser for such a great cause. Thanks for hosting the blog hop.

  3. We love your message!! Hope you will stop by our blog! We have written a book that is about celebrating life and seeing beautiful in everything.

    Angel Pip and Ruby

  4. I don't have a blog - but will share to facebook friends.

  5. Hi there Miss Lydia! Just popping in to say hello!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!