Monday, June 2, 2014

June Brings SO Much Beautiful and MORINGA Trees to Kenya through How Global

When it comes to seeing beautiful, one of the most wonderful parts of what we get to do is raise awareness for, and donate to, wonderful organizations. This month's organization leaves us seeing beautiful and feeling inspired and leaves to world a better place! 

How It Works: 

1. You purchase of a See Beautiful product and become part of the See Beautiful story.
2. We donate 20% of your purchase to a revolving non-profit each month. This month we're proudly partnered with: 
3. With the See Beautiful donation, they will provide Moringa trees to their greenhouse 3 schools in Kenya.

The How Global family isn't new to the See Beautiful community. If you remember, we worked with them to bring lifestraws to Ghana. They recently reached out with a need in Kenya and their cause is an important one and two-fold.

How Global is working to bring moringa trees to three school's greenhouses in Kenya. If you're not familiar with the benefits of the moringa tree or How Global's "Moringa 4 Life" initiative, visit HERE. Bringing moringa trees to these schools in Kenya means sustainable, nutrient-giving meals for those attending the school and living in the community. The moringa tree has three times more iron that spinach, as much protien as eggs, seven times more vitamin c than oranges, four times more vitamin a than carrots, three times more potassium than bananas and four times more calcium than milk. Clearly, there's a lot of beautiful packed into those moringa trees!

All-Girls school's greenhouse in Kenya.
Much like Kula Project, our non-profit partner last month, How Global engages the local community and puts control in their hands. Respecting their understanding of the community, culture, and land. How Global never inserts themselves or their ideas into any community within which they work. They are committed to building on and expanding the strengths of those communities while listening to the needs and helping fill those needs.

PART 2: While distributing moringa trees to the school in Kenya, How Global will also hold a two-day workshop in the community about the catastrophic effects of female genital cutting of young girls. This
harmful cultural practice, recently resulted in a young girl from the village losing her life. In addition to having farmers and experts in nutrition working with the local community, How Global will also have a doctor present to discuss the horrible effects of the practice of cutting.

Image used with permission and linked back to How Global.
With every See Beautiful purchase, we support How Global by sending a moringa tree to three school's greenhouses in Kenya! Enter your name at check out and a label will be affixed to the tree planting made possible by YOU!

Connect directly with HOW GLOBAL and learn more about the beautiful work they're doing HERE. Bypass us and donate directly to them HERE.


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