Monday, December 15, 2014

Giving Back to Adoptive Families

We have great respect for the insight, inspiration and information shared by Amy Boyer at Terra Toby. Apparently being awesome runs in her family because her daughter, Lauren Casper, is making this world a more beautiful place for adoptive families too. In her book, How To Fund Your Adoption, Laure helps families interested in (or in the thick of) navigate the financial mountain of adoption. At $4.99, she's practically giving this helpful, thoughtful, and seminal information away. If you know someone thinking about adopting, or adopting, this book could be such a gift to their family. 

What's even more beautiful is that if you use the button on Terra Toby's sidebar to purchase the book, Amy is donating 100% of her affiliate fees to See Beautiful to assist our Adoptive Families. It really doesn't get much more beautiful. 

Thank you to Lauren for sharing your own journey to help other families and thank you to Amy for giving back in this world of adoption and loving and living and giving. We are so grateful.

Hop on over to Terra Toby and check it out HERE.



  1. It is beautiful to read on happy endings and new beginnings!...:)JP

  2. This is so kind of you! Thank you for directing adoptive families to Lauren's book "How To Fund Your Adoption". I know she'll appreciate your support, especially because we admire you and See Beautiful so much.


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