Thursday, February 12, 2015

See Beautiful in this Moment...and in 15 Years

We're seeing beautiful in a special way today. Two champions of seeing beautiful, Goose and Michelle, have much to celebrate. It's not everyday a pup turns 15 and it's a gift when you find a family member who loves you unconditionally. Goose and Michelle are constantly inspiring others, so we want to shed some inspiration right back.

In honor of Goose's 15th birthday, we're working in fives. See Beautiful will donate $5 to our See Beautiful Giving Initiative, The Lantern House, for every blogger who joins the blog hop! Get it? See beautiful with us, we give beautiful back. Since Goose and Michelle spend a majority of their time making the world more beautiful at The Lantern House, specifically in the kitchen serving up dishes made with love to those who are hungry, it seemed fitting to make this special donation to their unwavering efforts to do more good.

What's cool is that you can double the donation and end up with a one-of-a-kind See Beautiful product by purchasing a See Beautiful Cuff/Necklace in honor of The Lantern House. Yep, when you purchase one of our unique, eco-friendly See Beautiful items and select "Lantern House" from the dropdown menu, we'll double down on our donation and send $10 to Lantern House.

So, sing happy birthday, see beautiful, and hop on over to honor Goose and his 5,475 glorious days making people in this world smile!

Double the donation to The Lantern House in honor of Goose's birthday by getting your very own piece of See Beautiful HERE.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! See Beautiful you are... you are... well you are just beautiful. I gotta tell ya in all my 15 years on this earth and I have seen a lot of things. And without a doubt what you do through See Beautiful is paws down one of the most BEAUTIFUL thing ever. The lives you touch, the smiles you bring, the care you give, well it is unmatched. And I would know, I am after all a See Beautiful expert. As you said I have 5,475 days of expertise. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday in this way. So many lives will be strengthened, brightened, and filled by your generosity. On behalf of them I say thank you for making such a difference, a beautiful difference. We LOVE you.

  2. I so agree, goose and michelle are wonderful people. and always when i read their posts, my day is a little brighter and the world feels a little warmer... that's like magic. and to share their beautiful moments with all of us is like a gift we can keep in our memory furever :o)
    easy rider

  3. This is such a tribute to all (Lantern House, Michelle and Goose and SEE BEAUTIFUL)....thank you.


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