Friday, November 20, 2015

Unveiling See Beautiful's Newest Giving Initiative

We're thrilled to partner again with How Global to provide goats to a community in Lemongo, Kenya. We're working to bring goats to this community to provide sustainable sources of milk and food. In addition to the funding providing the goats, your purchase will also help provide feed, tools and fencing to keep the goats healthy.

How Global is continuing their work in a rural school village to start a small business that will help the community add to and maintain agricultural projects. An educational workshop will be provided to the community leader to help foster the success of this project. The children attending school will also learn about the goats and gain the skills needed to understand how best to raise them.  

This is the family who will run the goat program on How Global's behalf. 

How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every designated "How Global" sale will help provide goats and the feed, tools and fencing needed to keep the goats healthy.

Don't want to purchase something from See Beautiful, but still want to help? We dig that! A direct donation of $30.00 to How Global will provide one goat and you may provide in the name of your choice to be added to the school wall in your honor. Donate HERE.

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  1. I love reading about the work you're doing! Whenever I see an update in my email or news feed, I smile. It's uplifting and truly BEAUTIFUL.


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