Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chocolate? Yep, that's beautiful!

Two words: Theo Chocolate.

Most of us find chocolate, or sweets, a beautiful thing. But, Theo Chocolate is special. The makers at Theo Chocolate drive home the message to See Beautiful and here are a few reasons why. They:

  •  are the only organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory.
  •  are committed to using pure ingredients grown sustainably.
  •  ensure growers earn fair living wages and have access to education for their families.
  •  use green energy sources to power their factory.
  • educate others about social and environmental accountability.
  •  make AMAZING chocolate delicacies!! Yum!
If you're searching for ways to see beautiful today, here are just a few:

1. Beauty for Your Taste Buds
2. Awareness of & Commitment to Fairness for All
3. Going Green
4. Education

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  1. The Criss Sisters can highly recommend the Theo Factory Tour in Seattle! After sampling their pure, guilt free, tasty treats, you'll be certain to switch from Slave Trade to Fair Trade chocolate in a heartbeat. It's a beautiful thing!


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