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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

His Story to Tell: Thanksgiving

The giving of a voice: Bene's story is his to tell, and someday he will tell it all which is beautiful. Until then, I wanted to share a small sliver of Bene's story during this perfect time of year to give thanks.
Bene stopped talking in public at three years of age after he witnessed his Uncle's murder in Goma, DRC. Since then Bene has struggled to move through school and has dealt with many instances of bullying (from both teachers and peers) because of his select mutism. I met with Bene, his mother, the school director and the Director of the New Hope Center while in Goma this past October. With my background in Early Childhood Education I came equipped with ways to hopefully empower Bene, his Mom and Teachers. We had a short thirty minutes together and I wished I could do more as Bene walked away. He did not speak during our time together. It was silly to think a short thirty minutes could open the lock he put on his voice to protect himself. That takes lots of time and trust. I returned home to the states with Bene in my dreams. I constantly wondered what I could have done to better equip him and make him feel safe enough to unlock the proverbial door to his voice.
I recently received an email from the Founders of the New Hope Center and it read that Bene is now speaking to his peers in school. HE. IS. TALKING. This precious child who chose to suppress his voice to guard his existence has chosen to speak. That is beautiful. It's SO, SO beautiful. Bene believes he's in a safe enough space to use his voice. He can share his words - brilliant ones with those around him and his voice will grow stronger. During this time of thanksgiving, I hope you find inspiration in Bene's story. Yes, we all have infinite ways to give thanks. Perhaps we peel back the layers and simply settle on giving thanks for our voice - that not only are you strong enough to use, but you have the freedom to use it in a way that makes this world a more beautiful place.
We go into the rest of this week with great thanks for our voices and for Bene's bravery and strength and the future where he tells his story. The whole one. See Beautiful.
Photo by Bobby Neptune.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Unveiling See Beautiful's Newest Giving Initiative

We're thrilled to partner again with How Global to provide goats to a community in Lemongo, Kenya. We're working to bring goats to this community to provide sustainable sources of milk and food. In addition to the funding providing the goats, your purchase will also help provide feed, tools and fencing to keep the goats healthy.

How Global is continuing their work in a rural school village to start a small business that will help the community add to and maintain agricultural projects. An educational workshop will be provided to the community leader to help foster the success of this project. The children attending school will also learn about the goats and gain the skills needed to understand how best to raise them.  

This is the family who will run the goat program on How Global's behalf. 

How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every designated "How Global" sale will help provide goats and the feed, tools and fencing needed to keep the goats healthy.

Don't want to purchase something from See Beautiful, but still want to help? We dig that! A direct donation of $30.00 to How Global will provide one goat and you may provide in the name of your choice to be added to the school wall in your honor. Donate HERE.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Seeing Beautiful Requires Striking a Balance

To see beautiful, you must strike a balance in life. Balance is what Floridina taught me. We didn't speak the same language and it might look like I'm writing about physically balancing sticks, but it's so much more than that. Learning to strike a balance in Kayonza, Rwanda with the amazing Fight to Live Women we get to support through the beautiful Kula Project taught me about a greater balance.
Standing on the rocky hills of their coffee farm, these female farmers reminded me that life isn't supposed to be muddied by to-do lists and work demands. Life isn't supposed to be busy and cluttered and filled with material things. Life is supposed to be lived respecting the land and in the moment. Life is best lived when we are fully present and celebrating and seeking the beautiful that is very much there. There are no to-do lists or iphones or instagram accounts to check in Rwanda. There is water to fetch and conversation to be had and food to be grown. There are no "likes" or credit card bills or gas tanks to be filled. There is fresh air and fresh food and laughter from neighbors. A lot can be learned about striking a healthy balance from these beautiful women. You don't have to go to Rwanda to learn it, you just have to get back to your roots and settle in on seeing beautiful in this moment. 

You can be a part of their story of survival and grace and strength and creating beautiful. Read more here: http://www.seebeautiful.com/fight-to-live-collection.html
                       Photo by Bobby Neptune.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Change the Way You See

Today, we invite you to change the way you see. Look at the things that seem most familiar until they become unfamiliar again. Allow the unfamiliar to become new again. We wrestle with pop culture telling us to see differently. We wrestle to identify grace and beauty and good and hope. Let gratitude start to soak back into your soul. Open your eyes to the magnitude of the gifts around you.

I get it, you know. I understand that I see what I focus on and what I focus on becomes the life I experience. I fail sometimes. But you see, the beauty is here every day. Every. Day. Joy and grace and beautiful pulse through every moment, begging us to be welcomed into our lives.

When we create this space to focus and then embrace the beautiful, it grows more space for thanks. When this cycle continues, hinged upon this triad of joy and giving and thanks there is so much beautiful. Stay present in this. It is the only way to really see. See this material world that we are constantly bombarded by stripped away to reveal the incredible parts of life that make living such a gift

Friday, November 6, 2015


Our SURVIVOR scarves made by the beautiful women at Colors may just be the most beautiful accessory to sport this month...and every month. Choose the giving initiative of your choice at checkout to create even more beautiful!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Like A Girl

When did doing something "like a girl" become an insult? Pre-adolescence, "like a girl" is understood to be a badge of honor, but there is a shift during adolescence that leaves girls with a poor self-image and lowered expectations for life. Girls are often much less confident in themselves and their abilities, when compared to girls. Further, studies show that up to the age of 9, the vast majority of girls are confident, assertive and identify themselves using positive descriptors. By the time girls reach the age of 13, fewer than one-third of girls still feel this way. "Like a girl" isn't powerful anymore - in fact, it breeds powerless. 

The way we, as a society, talk about doing things "like a girl" shapes the way young children come to see it too. Exploring videos, like this one from Dove, is a powerful way to dig deeper into this understanding with young girls. If you work with students, I'd highly encourage you to explore this video with them and then discuss what doing things "like a girl" really means.

A huge shout out to a great part of our community, Katy McCalla for rocking the New York City Marathon LIKE A GIRL this past weekend as well. She is so strong - just like a girl. She sees and creates so much beautiful - just like a girl!

Monday, November 2, 2015

A Disguise to Stop Time

Time stops best in moments that disguise themselves like ordinary life. That sliver of land jetting out beneath the sunset is the Democratic Republic of the Congo and while I sat on the beautiful shoreline of Rwanda, my heart remained in Congo. The beautiful resiliency of the children and adults with whom we met and played will forever shape the way I see beautiful. Thank you for being a part of this amazing community. You are inspiring so many lives with your support.