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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Bam Jam Speaker

LIMITED OFFERING!! The all natural speaker that lets you amplify the beautiful music you jam out to!! Created in a bamboo cooperative, your Bam Jam speaker provides jobs and supports a local community in Haiti!! 

No wires! No batteries! Completely sustainable! 

Plus, you choose the See Beautiful Giving Initiative of your choice at check out and create even more beautiful. Get your Bam Jam Speaker HERE now.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hopes & Dreams

They are the hopes and dreams of children living in Eastern Congo. They are sometimes tear-soaked, often laughter-filled drawings from little hands. They represent new hope and strength and love. They may look like simple enough beads to the naked eye, but now you know. You know these symbolize a future full of love that every child on earth deserves. This is what we work for - to create beautiful for them all. ‪#‎seebeautiful‬

Naturally, you can get your Drawing Beads HERE.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Strength for Today; New Hope for Tomorrow

They're back in stock and even better, every purchase of our New Hope tanks sends/keeps a child living in Eastern Congo to school for a month. Get you some!!


AND (drumroll, please) new color, same beautiful giving! It's soft as bunnies too!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fight to Live

FIGHT TO LIVE Collection
supporting The Kula Project

Every product you purchase from our Fight to Live Collection, provides a coffee tree AND the means to run the coffee plantation for the 48 Rwandan women who own it.
The women. The farmers. Their future coffee plantation.

Select "Fight to Live Kula Women" from any of these products and your purchase also provides a coffee tree and the means to run the coffee plantation for the 48 Rwandan women who own it:

PictureShantel. Beautiful woman. Coffee farmer. Fights for life.
48 women.
1,000 coffee trees.
1 coffee plantation.
Infinite beauty.

PictureAnonciatta. Beautiful woman. Coffee farmer. Fights for life.
Their name is TURWANE K'UBUZIMA (tour-wan-ey koo-boo-zima), which translates to "Fight to live."

They are survivors of the genocide in Rwanda.

They saved and put their money together to buy a plot of land.

They organized themselves as a Co-op to be able to have a better chance of partnering with health NGOs to get the proper medicines.

They are an inspiration.

PictureFlordina. Beautiful woman. Coffee farmer. Fights for life.
They heard about Kula Project, and their leader asked Kula to help them turn their land- which is currently being worked to prepare for the coffee trees - into a coffee plantation with 1,000 coffee trees.

They want to grow coffee because they know it will produce income long enough for their children to complete school.
They embody a will to "fight to live."

They are incredible.

PictureMucsaniabo. Beautiful woman. Coffee farmer. Fights for life.
They have contracts with their co-op that state that should they succumb to their disease, their children will still get the income to pay school fees.
Your purchase helps them fight for life and provide a future for their children.
You can help them create more beautiful in the world. Clearly, they're already pros at seeing beautiful.

Every single one of these women is stunningly beautiful.

Want to support this See Beautiful Giving Initiative, but don't need the products? Just pop on over to The Kula Project and make a donation there. Note that you'd like to support the Fight to Live Women!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

See Beautiful: A Matter of Focus (Yes, this means my TEDx Talk is Live)

The person who really made this TEDx Talk possible can't be seen in the video; he was sitting in the front row though. He's the strongest, most inspiring, loving and giving person I know and I get to share my life with him. He helped create the concept of "See Beautiful" by helping me do so when it felt impossible. If you don't know this about See Beautiful, you should know that my husband makes the work I do possible.

He has lived the hard and sad and tough that you'll hear me reflect upon in my talk. He's been a rock when I've been but a shadow of myself. He has been just as much a part of bringing greenhouses to Kenya and a children's library to a homeless shelter in Utah as I have. He may not sit on the front lines and tweet the celebratory milestones, but he's the lifeblood of beautiful we get to create.

I can't find any Ted(x) talks about infertility (and that's not specifically what this talk is about), but it was our hope that by sharing part of our story, it might find its way into the right people's hands and hearts. We decided, through being vulnerable, honest and ultimately hope-filled, this talk might help someone who was struggling to realize the incredible strength to be  found in seeing beautiful too. If you know someone who might benefit from listening to the talk, we would both be humbled and honored.

Obviously, it is impossible to share this talk without honoring the silent presenter who constantly fuels my fire to grow the work of See Beautiful. Thank you, Andrew. You make this amazing work feel like a dream.

Now, the talk: See Beautiful: A Matter of Focus:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Dog and His Stroller: BEAUTIFUL

When you can't make the long trek, when your bones ache, or when you just need to take a longer scenic route with the ones you love, you can't deny the value of a stroller for the stroll. Take the road less traveled. Let people stare. Let them point and laugh and even take pictures, for the smiles it brings to the one getting to blaze a trail he could have never blazed before is what seeing and creating beautiful are all about.

Doggy strollers rock. In every way...

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Thursday, July 2, 2015


It takes practice, gut wrenching practice, to break open the eyes and really see. But the secret to joy is to keep seeking beautiful where we doubt beauty exists. Love really sees. Love always does. Maybe if we all practiced seeing together...maybe we could start with a, "Hello."