Every day we have a choice. We can let others dictate the way we see beautiful in ourselves and the world or we can see the beauty we inherently possess, do something to help someone else, make a person smile, lend a helping hand, change someone's world. We're committed to making this world a better place.

The purpose of this blog is to invite readers to see beautiful. See Beautiful is a lifestyle brand that creates more beautiful in the world by giving back to you.

See beautiful in yourself. See beautiful in others. Create more beautiful in the world.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Stitch Closer

What will you design today that fills an actual need? What will you do today to create more beautiful in the world? It doesn't have to be coats or jobs or meals or homes. It can be smiles and hugs and generosity and laughter. Even the smallest act of care for another person is like a drop of water; it will make ripples throughout the pond.

Care. Be a drop of water. Create beautiful. 

Listen to the needs of others around you. Act. See beautiful.

Need inspiration? Watch Veronika Scott, CEO and Founder of the Empowerment Plan

Want a simple, yet amazing way to fill a need today? Check out the See Beautiful Giving Initiatives that help everyday people just like you and me. Make some ripples.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Falling For You

Happy Fall. 
Happy seeing beautiful. 
Happy perspective shift in all those leaves that fall around you.
Happy breathing in this beautiful.

Sometimes it takes a really hard fall to understand where you stand. Now that you're there, I hope you're standing in the space of understanding all the beauty you can create in the world.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm a Hunter

"I am a hunter of beauty and I move slow and I keep the eyes wide, every fiber of every muscle sensing all wonder and this is the thrill of the hunt and I could be an expert on the life full, the beauty meat that lurks in every moment.

I hunger to taste life." ~ Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

Before reading this beautifully penned phrase by Ann Voskamp, I wouldn't have called myself a hunter. I save earthworms. Really, I do. I joke that I'm going to make a bumper sticker that reads, "I brake for earthworms" and proudly sport it on my car. Stink bugs enter my house? They go out alive. I'm not a hunter. 

But then again, I am...or at least I'm trying.

Our current catch phrase in society is "I'm busy" is and I'm growing to loathe the word. I don't like busy (and I'm the first to tell you that historically I've touted to many that "staying busy is good for me right now") - but I'm growing weary of the hamster wheel of the busyness business. 

I wanna move slow. I want to keep eyes wide open. I want to grow comfortable with every fiber of every muscle sensing all wonder. What a beautiful way to move through each day. 

What if we all became hunters? What if we all took a step back, a deep breath, and settled - right where you are. Let go of the to-do's and the wish-I'd-done's and the gotta-have's and the not-good-enoughs and the must-try-harders and drink in all that is perfectly enough and overwhelmingly beautiful surrounding you at this moment. Close your eyes and drink in beautiful with your other senses. Feel your skin. Isn't skin amazing? Listen to the sounds around you? Really, just stop and listen. Find something beautiful in those sounds. It's there and we miss them all the time if we're not searching for them. 

Today, become a hunter. It's hard to go all in without practice so take some time each day and your ability to hunt for beautiful, and feed your yearning to really taste life, will grow. 

Today, see beautiful in this moment. And all the little, beautiful moments following.

How's your beauty hunting going today?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Soft As Bunnies In CHARCOAL

Yep, you read that correctly, our "soft a bunnies" See Beautiful t-shirt is now available in Charcoal. Understand the story behind the tee, and the story for you when you wear it, to really get seeing beautiful:

See Beautiful T-shirt Specifications (Important):Color: Charcoal
Fabric: Consider it "soft a bunnies" but if you need more detail the shirt is
50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon

Our See Beautiful T-Shirt Story (Even More Important):
This design has been two years in the making! Our See Beautiful woman focuses her attention on finding love, kindness, and goodness in the world. It is an intention we hope all who join our See Beautiful Community walk away seeing, believing and living.

How our See Beautiful T-shirt can leave you seeing beautiful (MOST IMPORTANT):
It is our hope that every time you look in the mirror or catch a glimpse of your "soft as bunnies" See Beautiful t-shirt you're reminded that a) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL; b) see beautiful in yourself and others; and c) create more beautiful in the world. You have your own proverbial binoculars through which you can celebrate your beauty and the beauty in the world! 

Get yours HERE.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

See Beautiful in This Moment and Month

As you know, we're committed to seeing, sharing and creating more beautiful in the world. That's why, when Meg Storie reached out to us explaining that September is Craniofacial Awareness Month, we knew were had a wonderful opportunity to see and spread more beautiful!


Some of you may remember our inspiring See Beautiful Woman of the Month Camryn Berry. Camryn introduced us to the Children's Craniofacial Association (CCA). She reminded us to see beautiful and redifine how we do so.

The work of CCA Kids is one full of seeing beautiful. They empower, support, give, and love. They see, spread and celebrate beautiful. They help everyone embrace beautiful and remind us to honor that beauty and strength EVERY DAY of our lives.

Thank you Meg, for reaching out and sharing your story. We are thrilled to honor you, along with CCA too!

By Meg Storie:

I was born with a craniofacial anomaly called Treacher Collins Syndrome. TCS is associated with down slighting eyes, small or absent ears, small jaw and sometimes a narrow trachea. I grew up to learn about myself and embrace the being I am today. That is what See Beautiful means to me. I don’t feel different most days. There are days I feel like everyone is looking. That is the only time I’m reminded of my craniofacial anomalies. Those kinds of days, it gives me an opportunity me to show my humorous personality. My friend Josh said, “You forget what Meg has after a while, you see her as Meg.” The kindness and acceptance from strangers and friends is how I see beautiful. The focus on my family’s personalities and their talents is how I see beautiful. My husband’s dedication to his job, his love for our cat “Rags” or his artistic ability to carve walking sticks is how I see beautiful. The appearance of a person will show beauty as you get to know him or her.

September is Craniofacial Awareness Month. Children’s Craniofacial Association sees beautiful is many ways, such as giving parents of craniofacial syndromes and the children opportunities outside of doctor appointments and surgeries. CCA kids and parents can share their story, inspired by Auggie Pullman from Wonder by RJ Palacio. CCA provides educational packets/lesson plans for teachers since a lot of classrooms have Wonder in their lesson.

Some CCA families do a picnic in their hometown to network with all the families in September. This is one of couple ways CCA create as beautiful.

Do you want to see more beautiful in children, learn acceptance and choose kindness? Please visit ccakids.org or click on the icon below.

Thank you for hopping with us and seeing beautiful in CCA Kids today and this entire month and beyond.

To Find Beautiful In Millions

Today we remember the lives lost on 9/11 and honor the heroes who emerged that day and in the following days. In the horrific scenes that unfolded before the world thirteen years ago, many heroes worked tirelessly to heal, help, support, love and give. From devastating loss came an opportunity for strangers to see beautiful in each other in less than a blink of an eye. In mere seconds, people who had never met put others' needs in front of their own; giving everything they could - including shoes off their feet and the clothes off their back. In the face of a few who did something incredibly terrible and ugly, millions rose to the occasion and showed that love is beautiful. That is what I focus on when this day comes every year, not the ugly, but the millions who honored that life is beautiful.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Our See Beautiful Pet Tag Story

Our See Beautiful Pet Tag Story (Even More Important):Our See Beautiful beautiful dog tags, made from recycled steel, are important products for us to share because it's our two pups, Lilly and Buddy, who bring so much beautiful into our lives. Pets are experts at seeing beautiful. Speaking from experience, there has never been a time that our two furry friends fail to bring beautiful, smiles, and laughter into our home. We knew we had to honor the way they see beautiful, and doing that with these tags is a treat! 

Further, there are so many rescued pets out there and we are grateful for their owners. We see so much beautiful in pet rescue. When you rescue a pet, you write a see beautiful story. 

How our See Beautiful pet tags can leave you seeing beautiful (MOST IMPORTANT):
It is our hope that every time you look at your pet you see beautiful. We hope you can take a page from your pet's book and move through the day with a zest for life and celebrate the small things like a walk in the park or a good nap in the sunlight. For those of you who have rescued your furry friend, thank you.

Part-time model. Full-time love-giver.

Part-time goofball. Full-time snuggler.

See Beautiful Pet Tag Specifications (Important):Sizes(s):
Small: 1 inch diameter
1 1/2 inches in diameter
Each tag is made in the U.S.A. from an ultra-strong recycled steel core about 1mm thick.  Tags come with split key rings.