We empower people to see beautiful in themselves and others and we give to causes creating more beautiful in the world.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Little Lambs Foundation for Kids

So thrilled to unveil our newest See Beautiful Giving Initiative with the Little Lambs Foundation for Kids!!
Little Lambs Foundation for Kids provides comfort kits to children transitioning into foster care, shelters and from other traumatic situations. Unfortunately, when children are removed from their home they are often not allowed to take anything with them. The Little Lambs Foundation for Kids provides each child with a "Comfort Kit" of items to call their own. They are in desperate need of a trailer to make their deliveries throughout Northern Utah. Their deliveries get larger as the need continues to grow.
To give a children something they can call their own that offers a bit of comfort during a devastating time is critical. See Beautiful is honored to support the work of the Little Lambs Foundation to help children see more beautiful.
How your purchase helps: Every purchase becomes part of a trailer that will help transport Comfort Kits to children in need.

In this picture, one of the youngest of the beautiful giving of Little Lambs Foundation, Jaxtin is showing his love and sharing some of the important items enclosed in their comfort kits. Help bring a trailer to Utah for this amazing non-profit!! Select "LITTLE LAMBS" from the dropdown box when you make your purchase!

Monday, February 8, 2016

To Begin Within...

"it is important to visit that place inside you.
that place no other human is allowed to enter.

there you will find no fear.
you will find the laughing sun and you will love there
and rise there and fall there
and break there and put yourself back together there.

let that be the only thing you live for
and let it take you back where you began.

to begin within, i swear...
that might be the most 
beautiful thing in the world."

Photo by Bobby Neptune

Friday, February 5, 2016

From the Mountains of Utah to Hills of Rwanda with Love

We LOVE it when communities come together in support of See Beautiful and our amazing Giving Initiatives! Check out this incredible Youth Group, led by Pastor Michelle Perry in Ogden, Utah. These kids raised a lot of money and orchestrated an entire church event to support our now-funded "Fight for Life" Giving Initiative with Kula Project to provide 1,000 coffee trees to 48 female farmers in Kayonza, Rwanda. Here they are in their See Beautiful, Fight for Life, tees (in freezing cold weather)!! Thank you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It Would Be So Easy...

It would be so easy to struggle to see beautiful. It would be so simple to not trust others. Most of us would understand an anger or confusion with life when you are a displaced refugee learning a new world and way of life. That's not the way London, or the 25 other incredible girls in one of our See Beautiful Club's lives at all. She invites you to see beautiful. She wants to create it with you. Every single one of these girls tells a story of bravery and hope and goodness and beauty. We have a lot to learn from their grace. They are world changers. Thank you Paint Love, for helping them turn a journal into one more of their "something beautiful's." Thanks to their teacher, Morgan Wright, for being an amazing educator.
P.S. Even misspellings are beautiful.

 wink emoticon

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bam Jam Back Again

Our AMAZING Bam Jam speakers are FINALLY BACK IN STOCK!! It's the all natural speaker with no wires, no batteries and completely sustainable! Created in a bamboo cooperative, Bam Jam gives jobs and supports a local community in Haiti! Even better, choose the See Beautiful Giving Initiative of your choice at check out and create a lot more beautiful!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Paint Love

Our See Beautiful Giving Initiatives are precious to us because they amplify the work we do, while most certainly creating more beautiful in the world. Our newest Giving Initiative is beautiful. We are thrilled to partner with the Atlanta-based non-profit, Paint Love, to bring art workshops to 100 children living in Metro-Atlanta.
What's even more exciting is that thanks to an anonymous donor, the giving from your purchase is matched by another, so you send a child to an amazing day of artistic inspiration when you select "Paint Love" as our giving initiative. We loved making a special edition bracelet to celebrate this Giving Initiative too.
There are endless ways we can paint more love in the world. Let's do that - and create more beautiful for children while we're at it!
Get your Paint Love Cuff here

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I am not a Label. You are not a Label.

Who would you be if the world never gave you a label?
I am not a label.
You are not a label.
We were not meant to live as a label. We were made to love. Everyone. Love. Great love, that transcends how we "like" other people, but that we love.