Saturday, June 4, 2011

"I collect dust..."

In response to the survey question, "What sorts of things do you collect?," one beautiful woman wrote, "I collect dust." She was referring to the busyness of life impeding her ability to keep up with dusting that top shelf in her living room. We get it. Life is busy. Life is also beautiful.

Is it possible that a thin layer of dust every now and then might be reminding us that we have better things to do with our lives than dust?

Thought: Perhaps those dust bunnies peeking at you from behind the television aren't mocking you, but celebrating the fact that you're busy enjoying life. So, the next time you see dust collecting in crevasses of your home, you might just smile as you retrieve your trusty ole' feather duster. It means you're a dust collector.

And being a dust collector means you see beautiful.

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  1. Dust bunnies are just one of the many collectable items in my home. I discovered a long time ago... we only get rid of those collectable family members (ie - dust bunnies, dog fur, paw prints, and a child's handprint... (maybe never wash handprints off)...but the others get a vacation from my home when visitors arrive. Let the dust bunnies and good times roll.


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