Sunday, June 26, 2011

Looking Up vs Looking Down

It's our natural instinct to look down while we're shuffling ourselves from one spot to another. We want to ensure the smooth placement of our bodies with every step; however, with all that looking down, what might we be missing that's "up"?

Take for example the experience of hiking in the mountains. Looking down makes sense because you want to ensure sure footing over rocks and roots; however, if you're focus is on rocks and roots you miss the real experience of the hike in the first place: seeing and enjoying the environment. This same line of thinking can be applied to walking in a busy city too. If you're looking down, you might miss the way the sunrise reflects off mirrored buildings or a skipping child exuding happiness for no reason at all. These are all opportunities to see beautiful, but if we're looking down, we fail to acknowledge they ever existed.

Our tip of the day: Look up. See beautiful.


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