Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seeing through Bill Cosby-Colored Glasses

The saying, "See the world through rose-colored glasses" is a beautiful statement, but what if we one-upped the roses and looked at the world through Bill Cosby-colored glasses? I can only imagine that we'd See Beautiful around every nook and cranny. Beyond The Cosby Show (that emits a certain childhood euphoric state if re-runs are caught on present day T.V.), Bill Cosby is an author, comedian, entrepreneur, and social activist. This list fails to capture the true essence of Bill Cosby's commitment to making this world a little more beautiful and little happier for everyone.

For his ability to make us laugh out loud (often at ourselves) and to acknowledge that, yes, "kids say the darnedest things" we wish for a little more "Cosby Vision", where we See Beautiful in all that surrounds us.

Many now-adults might remember sitting on the foot of their parents bed giggling at the Cosby Family's newest dilemma or celebration. There are many scenes that children wanted to reenact as they saw them play-out on the big screen, however, the Cosby Family "productions" to celebrate their grandparents anniversaries were always a favorite. We invite you to remember these scenes, take a little bit of the beautiful, and mix it into your day.

Happy Anniversary Episode (but Happy Seeing Beautiful to Us):

...and if that wasn't enough:

Happy Golden Anniversary Episode (and an extra does of Happy Seeing Beautiful to Us):

By the way, did you know Bill Cosby is on Twitter? His latest tweet was, "What keeps me going is the fun of storytelling..." If you're on Twitter, he might just be the person to follow to give you that "See Beautiful" tweet for the day.

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  1. Oh how I remember those giggles to Bill Cosby. He is a genius. He has had much sadness in his life, YET finds a way to still appreciate the world around him and "make it a better place for us".


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