Monday, July 11, 2011

I Know What Today Is....

Let's go on a quick virtual field trip, that also includes time travel (so, happy Monday to you)...

Scene Setting: It's 2002, in a try-to-be-clean-but-can-never-stay-ahead-of-the-dry-playdough-and-finger-paint-on-walls pre-school classroom. Twenty-one three and four-year-olds are sitting in a circle (a shape they know), singing the "Good Morning" song. 

The second-year teacher is beaming with pride at the successful sitting and coordinated singing of all twenty-one students at 7:45 a.m. She finishes the song, off harmony, with the students, because in her mind, "Who are we kidding, we're all off harmony!"

Teacher (pointing to the words, "Today is Monday" written in perfect "teacher script"): Good Morning! I can't wait to hear all about the wonderful things you did over the weekend, but before we do, let's see if we know which day of the week today is.

Teacher, looking expectantly and happily around her morning circle. Children, looking at teacher, each other, the fish they've dubbed "Seven" for no apparent reason, the blocks, the carpet. No response.

Teacher (in energetic expression): Okay, let's see what is written on the board. Oh, this says, 'Today is Monday.'

While teacher's back is turned to the board she hears a gasp that sounds like sheer jubilation. By the time she's turned around, one of her most brilliant (though they're all brilliant) students has jumped into the middle of the circle.

Child (trying frantically to rip her pants off): OH! OH! OH! TEACHER!!!!!! MY UNDERWEAR SAYS MONDAY!!!!

At this point, child has pants down revealing that indeed, her underwear does have the word "Monday" sewn into them, the teacher is frantically leaping across other three-year-old heads to get to the child mid-circle.

Teacher (thinking): Oh, dear. Oh, dear. OH DEAR! I'm going to lose my job! There's a child smack dab in the middle of my morning circle with her pants around her ankles!!!!

Teacher (still trying to get to student...crawling on the floor now): You are exactly right! Now, I need you to pull your pants up.

Child (looking confused): But...but...I matched it. They are the same.

At this point child has pulled her pants up in a defeated-looking manner. Simultaneously the teachers' heart begins to beat again. 

Teacher: I am so proud of you! That was excellent noticing and thinking! Why don't you go sit back down with your friends and we'll see what else we can learn today.

Teacher thinking: Is 7:45 a.m. too early to have a glass of wine?
We here at See Beautiful can't help but look at the word "Monday" now with a chuckle. If you thought today was going to be your typical ole Monday, you don't know who might be waiting around the corner to catch you off guard.

For this teacher, the "Monday" experience is still the best text-to-text connection she's seen a child (or adult) make in her ten years of teaching.

For you, what "Monday" experience could you have to connect your mind to seeing beautiful? It's unlikely that it's matching your underwear to the day of the week, but that example let's you know there's laughter lurking in the most unlikely places. If we take a moment to look for beauty in ourselves or the world, we often find it...or it finds us.

Happy seeing beautiful!

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  1. a very beautiful idea. thanks for sharing.
    eleanor at x

  2. This is my favorite See Beautiful post yet! It's perfectly beautiful - just like the brilliant 3 yr old described above.

  3. Wow loving the enthusiasm of the little girl - so cute!
    Have followed and liked for the comp too!! Also following the blog!

  4. I bet the student was James D., wasn't it? So cute. :-)

  5. This was my first post to read and I loved it. I will definitely have to read them everyday day from now on.


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