Thursday, July 7, 2011


What if we woke up each morning, jumped up on the bathroom counter, and projected all the things we like about ourselves into the mirror? Would you feel better? It seems to work for this young whipper-snapper!

In case you missed them, here are a few things this little see-beautifuller likes (or thinks are great):
  • Her whole house
  • Her school
  • Her dad
  • Her cousins
  • Her Allison's 
  • Her Mom
  • Her hair
  • Her hair cuts
  • Her pajamas
  • Her stuff
  • Her room
And if that's not great enough, she knows the secret many of us search for when we really don't need to: She can "do anything good." 

In 50 seconds, how many things can you list that you like about yourself? Sometimes we're too busy focusing on what we want to change, that we miss what we like. We triple-dog-dare you to be a copycat and the next time you find yourself being nit-picky about the reflection staring back at your in the mirror, take 50 seconds, do a jig (on or off the counter, it's your preference), and fill in the blank in the following sentence with as many words as possible: "I LIKE MY __________________________." It just might transform your day (or make others in your house think you're crazy, but that could make you giggle too).

If you want even more "I LIKE MY" goodness, check out the children's book, I Like Myself, written by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by David Catrow. It's a classic and destined for our See Beautiful's list (which if you haven't checked out the features for July, click HERE)!

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  1. You're right, we need to focus on what we like and what we can do each day! I'd love to jump on my counter and scream out these things. :) Maybe I can suggest it to my roommates!


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