Wednesday, July 27, 2011

________________ is wrong too.

We have a feeling those visiting our blog are really dedicated to seeing more beautiful in the world, and we dig that. There are some people out there who "junk it up" though. This, is where we come in. It's also where "Littering Is Wrong Too" comes to play. Get ready to smile because they're helping "write" wrongs to bring attention to the stupidity involved in littering...and us, well, we think that's beautiful.

The Littering is Wrong Too campaign "calls attention to the fact that those who litter are, frankly, jerks. (Not to mention inappropriate, selfish, lazy and rude… but you get the gist.)" They're tackling littering by pointing out how silly it is toss that napkin out your car window (do people really do this???) in an unconventional way. Check out their tactics (all pictures are housed on and linked back to Littering is Wrong Too):

Using your granny's razor to share you face. 
Not respecting females!
Gargling sewage.

Not teaching your sons to lift the lid.
Not washing your hands after the bathroom.
Gas prices!!
Lady Gaga's meat dress!
Not getting what I want.
Kicking your friend in the private parts.
Alas, littering is most definitely wrong too. Next time you see someone tossing their something somewhere they shouldn't, you can share your commentary with a comparative metaphor for littering. What's yours? Fill in the blank: ___________________________is wrong too. 

This initiative is perfectly fitting giving its coinciding with our Humpday Giveaway! Today we are giving one lucky See Beautiful follower one of our See Beautiful water bottles. We're doing our part to combat littering and waste with our reusable See Beautiful glass water bottles because:
  • Less than 25% of glass packaging gets recycled and glass can live for one million years in a landfill.
  • The NY Times reported that over 90% of negative environmental impact is made creating the plastic bottle, before you even open the top to drink the water.
  • American's sent approximately 38 billion plastic waters bottles to landfills in 2006.
  • Plastic that ends up at sea floats near the surface and breaks down until it resembles plankton or food for fish and birds. Plastic now outweighs plankton 6:1. Animals eat the poison plastic pill which finds its way back into our food system.  (These statistics were provided by our stellar bottle designers, Re-Hy, who etch each bottle by hand!).
So, be sure to hop over to our See Beautiful Giveaways to see how to enter yourself for our See Beautiful bottle! Happy NOT littering!

To learn more about Littering Is Wrong Too (and to vote on which photo is your favorite "wrong") click HERE.


  1. Kicking your friend in the private parts has my vote.

  2. If I was filling in the blank... it would read, "Loneliness" is Wrong.....and just like littering.... WE can do something about those people and animals that a lonely. There is beauty in being ALONE at times... but no beauty in LONELINESS.

  3. Being hurtful is wrong. Love this post!!

  4. I think that teachers and nurses being underpaid when compared to corporate America is super wrong.

  5. Not caring is wrong. 


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!