Monday, August 29, 2011

Beautiful YOU

We do a lot of seeing beautiful around here. We can't help it. Seeing beautiful is much more empowering and uplifting than seeing any other way. A woman who follows the same mantra with an inspiring book is Rosie Molinary. And that's why her book, Beautiful You, was chosen as our "See Beautiful's Grown Up" book choice for the month of August.

Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance, winner of the Best Body Positive Book of 2010, exudes the mission of See Beautiful from start to finish. Rosie Molinary is a truly beautiful woman committed to helping all of us find acceptance in the beauty we carry with us everyday.

She writes, "As a child, you felt comfortable in your skin.  Your body was an instrument, an extension of your wholly unique mind and soul.  You used it to take you where you were going, to express what you felt, to get things done.  The world, for you, was hopeful and certainly not limited by the way you looked.  But then, somewhere on the way to adulthood, something shifted.  Your sense of your own brilliance faded. Your understanding of your own beauty dimmed.  Your faith in your radiance wavered.  Maybe it was the media that overwhelmed you.  With instant access to information, with thousands of images shot at you every day, maybe your digested and internalized too much of the scrutiny.  Maybe it was an unintended slight that stung you or a comment that someone delivered flippantly that you have held onto forever.  Maybe it was not being chosen for this or being ignored by them, maybe it was a loss so significant that it still seems like your soul is empty from it.  Maybe it was the way your body matured into adulthood that felt like a betrayal, or the way that it didn’t.  Whatever it may have been that stole away your understanding of your inner and outer brilliance, Beautiful You is the book that will help you get that feeling back."

This is a book I wish I could give to every young girl when she begins comparing her own beauty to pop culture's definition of beauty. With it's brilliantly crafted message, Beautiful You, can offer all of us a daily guide to greater self-acceptance of our very own beautiful.

To purchase this book online, click HERE.
To visit Rosie Molinary's beauty-filled website, click HERE

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  2. Rosie Molinary is an amazing woman! I think it's awesome that you chose to feature her book and share her message with other women. I love her blog too.

  3. I think I need to buy this for my 22yo daughter!!!!! i love this blog:)


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