Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stories of a Lifetime Through Hands

Your hands aren't ordinary, they're completely unique. They were inherited, but they're yours. They may be big, small, scarred, or soft, but they're yours. Your hands tell stories. Your hands pass stories from one generation to the next. They share stories of love, of memories, of happiness and laughter. With the touch of a hand someone can let you know they love you. With the gesture of a hand, you know your welcomed. With the wave of a hand, you've been acknowledged.

What does the following picture tell you about hands?

Your hands aren't ordinary, they're completely yours. They were inherited, but you choose how they impact the world. As you hold your hands over your computer, before clicking away from this blog and going about your day, think about the ways your hands can help others see more beautiful; they're yours after all.
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  1. this is so true. hands are special. i always look at people`s hands. i still remember my grandmothers hands and she is gone for more the 20 years... the picture is wonderful. knowledge and tenderness passing by from one generation to the other...

  2. Wow. This is a moving post. I too always notice people's hands. The older the hands are, the more beautiful they seem to me with their raised veins, freckled and waxing skin, and arthritic knobby knuckles. Besides my husband's heart and his beautiful blue eyes, I love his hands the most. I love how strong and gentle they are at the same time. I loved my Nana's hands too. And I love my mom and dad's hands. I love that when I look at mine and my sisters' hands, I see our parents. I hope I can use my hands to do as much good in the world as my husband, parents, and sisters all do.

  3. I absolutely love this photo. The influence the elderly have on the young: wisdom, love etc. And the young see only beauty i those old hands. They are too young to fear or look down on age.

  4. As these hands type (with a little pain).... they remember all those that have held them when they were small, and when they because larger....they remember the holding of babies and rocking, holding hands to teach children to walk, released them to run, and lots of tickling of arms and massaging heads while they lay in your lap. They still love to be intertwined in my husband's hand.

  5. The old and the new join hands.  So beautiful!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!