Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Beauty: What Does Beauty Mean to You?

After being asked to share a guest post in Feelgood Style, we were so moved by the mission that we invited them to take a turn sharing their perspective here; it's one that honors our mission beautifully. We hope you enjoy!

True Beauty: What Does Beauty Mean to You?

by Becky Striepe, Site Director at Feelgood Style

We're bombarded every day with imagery from advertisers and marketers, telling us what "beautiful" means, but do the photos we see in magazines and on billboards really represent true beauty?

At Feelgood Style, we want to reclaim what beauty means by choosing products that are good for you and for the planet and by focusing on health, happiness, and natural beauty, inside and out. We want to celebrate beauty that’s healthy and fun.

Natural Cosmetics

Choosing truly natural and organic cosmetics can play a big part in taking control of your own beauty.
Whether you're looking to ditch the toxic chemicals in your face soap or are hunting for a lipstick that's free of lead and sassy to boot, making mindful choices in the beauty aisle is about seeing beyond the marketing and choosing products that are as good for your insides as they are for your reflection in the mirror.
It can be tricky to navigate the cosmetics aisle, and the more you know about ingredients to avoid and brands that are getting it right, the more informed decisions you'll be able to make for your health.

True Beauty

Of course, finding true beauty doesn't stop with products you can buy in a bottle. It might sound a bit trite, but true beauty really does come from within. You can't paint it on your face or measure it on a scale. Beauty is about our actions and our interactions. It's about finding that inner peace and happiness, so our beautiful selves can really shine.
Style is about more than conventional beauty. It’s making choices in our daily routines that are healthy for our bodies and for the planet. Whether that means using eco-friendly beauty products, choosing sustainably-made clothing, or staying fit, we believe that the way we treat our bodies is directly related to loving ourselves and the planet.

Feelgood Style is all about empowering you to make healthy choices and helping you unlock that true beauty.

What does beautiful mean to you? We hope you’ll check out Feelgood Style and share your own thoughts and comments with us!

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  1. So great to see Feelgood Style here (and equally cool when I saw See Beautiful over there)! More people need to know about the products that go into "beauty" items and stop supporting these horrible companies that poison us to make a profit. Thank you for speaking up about such an important topic. And you're so right that beauty is not so much how you look, as how you act.

  2. Wow, so glad to see this message...and, I hope it gets passed on to many, many people. There's a ton of people that do not realize what goes into the popular beauty products seen on so many shelves. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope this message inspires/encourages people to dig deeper into what they put in their body.

  3. Thank you for sharing this important information. I agree that too many people have no idea what kind of toxic chemicals go into these products. Likewise they are clueless as to the amount of animal testing that still goes on.


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