Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beauty Distortion

Ever wonder what the airbrushed creations in magazines look like in their sweats? They don't look like they do when they're plastered on billboards and published in glossy magazines. Why not? Why must they look different? Why do we have to look like someone we're not. Why is pop culture pushing us to look differently than our natural selves?

Hey air brush pushers, here's an idea you can try on for size: We'd like you to stop it already with the fakeness. It makes our young girls feel inadequate. It makes females feel like they need to attain a certain stature of beauty. It makes children WANT MORE to dress up their skin instead of FEEL CONTENT in the skin they're in.
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  1. Powerful as always - Thank you to show us true beauty.
    PS - You have a well deserved award here:

  2. true beauty comes from within. of course its important to take care of ourselfs . but when it becomes an obsetion ( and it has become that in our world ) then we realy have to keep our children as far away from this kind of thinkingas possible .... thank you for your lovely comment

  3. Amen! Just yesterday my brown-eyed, brown-haired 5-yr-old daughter told me that she wants long, blonde hair and blue eyes. I asked her why, and she responded with, "Everyone has blonde hair and blue eyes, Mom." *Sigh* Sadly, this is the society we're bringing our daughters up in... PS> Thanks for the awesome comment you left on my blog (Sugar & Spice) this a.m. Also, did you know that you're a "No Reply" blogger and I cannot respond to any comments you make on my blog?


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