Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knitters Inspired by Penguins

The recent oil spill in New Zealand has been deemed the nation's "most significant maritime disaster." And while the impact of the spill is devastating, we're trying to see beautiful. Knitting seems an unlikely place to find beautiful in an oil spill, but those knitting sweaters for the blue penguins are certainly making a difference.

Blue penguins, the smallest of the penguin clan and natives to the New Zealand coast, should not preen their oil soaked feathers. Additionally, rescue workers need the penguins to be warm before and after they've been cleaned (or thanks to the oil spill, decontaminated).

Alas, knitted sweaters to the rescue!! A wonderful knitting shop in New Zealand, Skeinz, put out an all-call for penguins in need of sweaters. And where there are penguin sweaters needed, there are knitters to answer the call! Their blog updates readers with information about latest shipments and continued need for sweaters.

So, do you knit? Have you been thinking about taking up a new hobby? If there was EVER a time to pick up your knitting needles, it's now. You can find sweater requirements and an address to send your comfy-penguin gear, here.

Skeinz, we love the way  you're seeing beautiful in a not so beautiful situation.  Thank you. We can't wait to get started on our penguin sweater this evening.

In the off chance you need more inspiration:

Source: via Jena on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

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  1. Wish I could knit. Maybe I can send wool????? I will check on this. Such an awesome way to share a talent of craftsmanship. PLUS.... they are so dang cute in their new coats. Thank you for giving us another eye into.... beautiful people doing beautiful things with beautiful outcomes. (so sorry the spill had to occur in the first place)

  2. This is so cute and wonderful! I am tweeting and pinning this!

  3. These Penguins are adorable cute.
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  4. Wow.. amazing. I'm loving the way they see beautiful as well and it's helping so many penguins.


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