Monday, October 3, 2011

Parking Meters are Beautiful?

You wanna what? You wanna park for free? Oh, that's crazy. You're going to have to dig around in the bottom of your purse and under your car seat until you find enough change to carry you through your outing. The feeling of jubilation when you find a quarter or euro vs. a penny is thrilling (there's a way to see beautiful), but we found a new parking meter we'd visit everyday if it was near us. What if we left little messages on the parking meters we pay? Seeing beautiful in this parking spot just happens to brighten our day.

Where can you find beautiful in the most unlikely places? Can you create an opportunity in a most unlikely place? Oh, we think so, my friend. We think so.
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  1. Unusual place for sure, but how nice! We would need many little reminders like this one every day.......and if we decide all to leave "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" messages in every place we go or visit, on a postcard or written with a lip gloss on a bathroom mirror, how many more women would see how special they are............this gives me some ideas!!!
    Thanks always for reminding us how beautiful we are - this is such a positive and sweet note to start every day.

  2. Beauty is found in some pretty unique slots (places) :)

  3. i love that! i've participated in card drops before, which is a really fun way to spread beautiful, just like this parking meter. i made up some cards of my own and i used some of the free downloads on kind over matter {}. just think if we all left a few words of positivity around the world, how many lives we could brighten.


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