Friday, October 28, 2011

Pay It Forward Friday: Pick up a Stranger's Tab

"Thanks for joining us for lunch. Your bill is $0.00."

"Here's your dry cleaning. The previous customer covered it."

"No worries, you have 30 more minutes on this parking meter."

"Your toll charge is free. The person in front of you took care of the charge."

Today's Pay It Forward opportunity is easy. Offer something as small as a quarter donation in a stranger's parking meter or pay for the person's lunch behind you in the drive thru. 

Give to the person who can't thank you. Be incognito in the "pay it forward" department. 
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Beautiful is as beautiful does. Happy seeing beautiful.



  1. I Like this! Really nice idea, thank you.

  2. Beautiful! What a great reminder and a wonderful idea.

  3. Will do something today. ") Thanks for the idea.

  4. Very cool! Love thinking about See Beautifuler's out there incognito, spreading happiness. Thanks!

  5. So cool. I so want to do this sometime!


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