Monday, October 24, 2011


See Beautiful Woman on the Month: NATALIE WATSON

Natalie Watson is beautiful and we are honored to feature her as our October See Beautiful woman of the month. Hop on over to our See Beautiful's to learn about our first inaugural See Beautiful photograph.
The way that Natalie sees beautiful is inspiring, empowering, hopeful, happy and well, let's be honest, down right beautiful.

By Natalie Watson:

"Seeing beautiful can be as easy as picking up a camera and going to see what you can find.As wedding photographers, my husband Dan and I feel so lucky because we see beautiful everyday through the lens of our cameras. It’s actually a job requirement and the best kind… seeking out beautiful moments, tiny slices of life between a couple in love, surrounded by their friends and family.

There is nothing more beautiful than the milestone moments people have in their lives and maybe none are quite like the emotions felt on the day of a wedding. There are so many beautiful moments at a wedding that it is impossible to count.  Little is more beautiful than two souls making a commitment to be together forever, promising to be there for one another, best friends and companions for life... and doing so without knowing exactly what the future might hold. So at a wedding we look for all that nervous energy, love, and excitement between the couple and those surrounding them. From the intense moments of looking into each other eyes and saying vows to the sheer joy and excitement felt when they can relax and celebrate with friends and family, a wedding is literally exploding with See Beautifuls - all you have to do is look around and see."

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  1. A fine young woman who has an exceptional eye for is and does "See Beautiful".....

  2. Found this blog today, and wow, I love it! What an awesome concept :)

  3. gorgeous photo - so full emotion!

  4. Love it! Thanks for sharing this 'See Beautiful' Woman of the Month! Truly beautiful!

  5. This is so lovely! Her photos are amazing :)


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