Monday, October 17, 2011

You're Making the World More Beautiful

Sculptors, poets, painters, musicians--they're the traditional purveyors of Beauty. But it can as easily be created by a gardener, a farmer, a plumber, a careworker.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

Everyday you leave your home to do great things, beautiful things. Whether you know you've set out to do those things is irrelevant because by simply being, you're making the world more beautiful.

Where are you seeing others do beautiful things today?
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  1. lovely pictures. Is that an outhouse? If so, I can't imagine having to go out early in the frigid morning air to use the bathroom. These people had it rough.

  2. Ha! That IS an outhouse! It makes what plumbers do quite beautiful, eh?

  3. It is the little things... right! The everyday jobs, the "stop for a moment and give gratitude" for what others do, AND what you do and can do ..... that make this world a beautiful place.

  4. Beautiful images. I just love the last one with the EMT helping out the little kitty! Thank you! I always try to see beautiful!


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