Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let Go

Are you tightly wound? Do you feel like life's "to do" list has you missing LIVING. Let go.

Let go laughing.

Let go smiling.

Let go playing.

Let go dancing.

Let go listening.

Let go breathing.

Let go singing.

Let go walking.

Let go drawing.

Let go reading.

Let go writing.

Let go sharing.

Let go giving.

Let go growing.

Let go seeing beautiful.


                                                Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

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  1. Very nice! Yep, we just moved and have been feeling like this a lot lately. Thanks for the important reminder.

  2. I love this post. It's great to be reminded that it's okay to let things go and just enjoy breathing. Or laughing. Or smiling. Or growing. Or... just being. Danke schön.

  3. Sweet post..:) new follower, please take the time to stop by for a visit.

    Forest Rose

  4. Blessings from your newest followers...We are new to blogging would really appreciate a follow back!! This is a great post thanks so much for all you do!! Abundant blessings to you!

    Cornelio & Marlene

  5. Letting go is hard BUT often necessary to feel peaceful. If you let go a little you'll have peace. If you let go a lot you'll have a lot of peace. Lots of Golden LOVE.

  6. Oh, sweet wreckless abandon! There's nothing more freeing than letting go and throwing Plan A out the window. I have done that a few times...Thanks for the reminder. I'll try to do it more often!

  7. I totally agree, letting go is the best to do ! And your list is just awesome! Let go enjoy every minute of our life!

  8. PS right now I don't have a button but I am working on one, will let you know when it's done. And thanks again for the great job you are doing!

  9. I've always heard to smile when you are the most stressed or irritated, even when that is the last thing you want to do. It WILL lighten your mood because it confused your brain. lol


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