Monday, November 14, 2011

See Beautiful Woman of The Month

We are thrilled to name Laura Meyers our November See Beautiful Woman of the Month. She's beautiful in so many ways. The time she dedicates to education, her friends, her family, and complete strangers to help them all see beautiful is inspiring. She inspires future teachers. She empowers young children. She makes everyone around her feel more loved. She is much stronger than she will ever know.

She is truly beautiful.

NOTE: The following reflection about the ways Laura sees beautiful left us speechless. We will forever be grateful for the way she helped us see our See Beautiful bracelets in a new way.

By Laura Meyers:
Pay It Forward, Beautiful
"I wear my See Beautiful bracelet every day. It holds the spot on my wrist where a watch would normally go (I tend to use my cell phone as my clock more and more lately.). Throughout the day, I continue to look down at my watch-wrist. Maybe it’s because old habits die hard, or perhaps, hopefully, it’s because a new habit is under construction. Every time I glance at my wrist, I’m reminded by my bracelet to “see beautiful.”

And because I’m detail-oriented and analytical, I’m rather intentional about how I wear my See Beautiful bracelet. If I place the bracelet on my wrist so that I can read the text, it’s a reminder to see my own beautiful. If I turn the bracelet so the text is upside down to me but others could read it, if glancing at my wrist, it’s a reminder to look around me for the beautiful. And, surprisingly, this constant reminder is working. It’s beautiful actually.

Over time it occurred to me that I could use the bracelet as a way to “pay the beautiful forward” in a tangible way.  I started setting aside a little money here and there (loose change, a forgotten bill in my jacket pocket, etc.) until I had enough to purchase 3 See Beautiful bracelets. Then, I began looking for opportunities to give them away and spread the beautiful.

Thinking of the first three recipients was easy. My mom, sister, and life-long friend Heather represent beautiful to me. I gave them each a bracelet. I told them why, and even explained my text-toward-me versus text-toward-others approach to wearing it. They joined the See Beautiful Movement. My personal spread-the-beautiful mission had begun. I purchased a few more bracelets and continued my journey, but this time, I focused on letting the “see beautiful situation” present itself. I trusted I would recognize it. Soon after the bracelets’ arrival, I distributed two of them to a dear friend and her mother who lost their step-father/husband but continued to see him in a better place and share the positive impact he had on his students. How strong. How beautiful. Another bracelet was given to a young mother of a beautiful four-month-old child in ICU. Each time she and I speak or visit, she shares the beautiful she sees within his recovery. How strong. How beautiful.

Pass along a little beautiful to someone you admire, someone who needs a lift in spirits, someone of your choosing for whatever the reason. It’s all in how YOU see the beautiful. It doesn’t have to be a See Beautiful bracelet. If you’re tech-savvy, consider sharing a text, tweet, FB post, or e-mail. Consider leaving an anonymous sticky note for a colleague or neighbor. Or merely drop a note in your child’s lunch bag. But, by all means, however you opt to do it, pay it forward, Beautiful. "
Laura's dog, Sullivan, a registered therapy dog, is also our very first See Beautiful Dog of the Month, so be sure to pop over and read all about him! Across his career, Sullivan has worked with 1000s of children and teachers across the USA.
In honor of Sullivan and Laura's wonderful work together, we wanted to make sure we also celebrate National Reading Education Assistance Dog Day (READ)! "Children who participate in the R.E.A.D. program make significant improvements in fluency, comprehension, confidence, and many additional academic and social dimensions" (READ, 2011). Thank a READ Dog and his/her owner today! Thank you Sullivan and Laura!

Are you looking for a tangible reminder to see beautiful, or know someone who needs one? Check out our See Beautiful products (and feel good knowing a portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to charity. This month a portion of all proceeds will be donated to LitWorld). Click HERE.  


  1. What a lovely way to pass on the beauty. We will also definitely check out Sullivan's story as well. therapy dogs are amazing.

  2. Such an awesome way of paying it forward and helping others see beauty.

  3. Great idea to pass along the Beautiful!!! Excellent!!

  4. Will look at my See Beautiful Bracelet a bit differently now, how great!
    As for sharing the beautiful, I already have a bracelet waiting for the right occasion to be offered! But I might purchase more soon.....
    Thank you all and have a beautiful day!


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