Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How Beauty Feels...

How does beauty feel? Does it feel soft? Fuzzy? Warm? Light? Heavy?

How can we tell something is beautiful? And why does it matter?

Do we think beauty or do we feel beauty? And why does it matter if we think about beauty or feel beauty?

If you think about yourself being beautiful, can you help but feel something too? It may be a crummy feeling where you feel defeated and unbeautiful. You may find ways to begin counting your flaws. How do you FEEL? Crummy? On the flip-side of that coin, if you think about being beautiful and know you are, do you feel taller, happier, lighter, friendlier, stronger? Do you feel more confident or do you think more confident?

My point is that the two are inextricably linked. When you think about beauty you feel something. Every time you think about yourself and the world around you as beautiful, or find the lackthereof, your body feels something too.

This important perspective reminds us that how we think is directly correlated with how we feel. It's an important reminder the next time you start doubting yourself.

Thus, how are you feeling today? How does being beautiful feel?
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  1. Yeah I agree with you, If we think we are beautiful then our body feels it too,:) Nice post!:)


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