Friday, December 16, 2011

Pay It Forward Friday: Do Something GREEN

Upon receipt of the following card, we saw beautiful. While the cover of the card was inspiring and personally significant to us, it's what we found on the back of the card that inspired our Pay It Forward Friday post today.
On the back of the card we learned about Positively Green, an arm of Live Inspired, that seeks to inspire. Cards from Positively green are eco-friendly, but they also share "Do Something Green" tips with readers. Clearly intrigued, we ventured to their website to learn more.

Here are some pay it forward tips shared on their site:
  • Green Tip #4: Start a program where you buy in bulk and share the extras with friends and family. All participants will save money, and reduce packaging and gas costs.
  • Green Tip #5: Take your own reusable coffee mug each time you go get coffee. Think of all the paper cups you'll prevent from ending up in landfills.
  • Green Tip #11: Unplug all electronic devices when not in use. If you don't unplug them from the wall socket, they will continue using energy even when switched off.
  • Green Tip #17: Put green plants in your office. Plants cheer the place up, improve air quality, absorb toxic gasses from office equipment and maintain humidity.
  • Green Tip #28: Did you boil some corn in a pot, or wash some fruit in a bowl? Instead of pouring leftover water down the drain, keep it in a watering can for later use on plants.
  • Green Tip #35: Millions and millions of plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year. Break the habit by switching to filtered tap water and a re-usable container. (Of course we recommend our See Beautiful eco-friendly bottles).
  • Green Tip #48: Support "green" companies. Look for and purchase from companies that are striving to create environmentally-friendly products and services.
You can also download a PDF here of all their wonderful ways to pay it forward by doing something green.

Visit Positively Green here and happy paying it forward today and always.

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  1. GO GREEN!!!! I have joined a daily email suggestions on helping achieve GREEN... thanks for these additional ideas.
    What a sweet cardinal. :)
    Yes, special significance for many. Nana sends her love.


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