Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let Your Pearly Whites Shine

 How many times a day do you smile? 10? 20? 30? 400? More?

Researchers from around the world have convened and agree, smiling is good for you. In fact, researchers from Wayne State University conducted a study of the span of smiles of players on baseball cards and found the bigger the smile, the longer the life.

This amazing TED video featuring researcher and scholar, Ron Gutman, shares findings from the size and types of smiles from year book photos.

Short answer: Just keep smiling!

Right about now you should feel the corners of your mouth spreading across your face. Go on, smile. Show off those pearly whites. Increase your life span, feel better, and be a contagion in making another person's day too. 
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  1. That's so true, the oldest people are always the happiest.  You don't get many grumpy old people lol.  I have given this blog an award, if you'd like to accept it just pop over and read my last post to find out more :)

  2.  AW! Thanks so much, Anna! We're so appreciative!

  3.  Say Cheese! Come to think of it, a person who usually smiles would look 3 to 5 years younger compared to their colleagues who rarely smile. So it's like a fountain of youth that's inborn in each of us. It may seem funny, but what would you choose if all along the remedy to high spirits is in you? While watching this video, I couldn't help but imagine "Joker" saying his famous line: "Why so serious?" Hehehe.


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