Friday, February 3, 2012

Pay It Forward: Use Your Life Vest Inside

Ever feel like you're drowning in a world of negativity? Ever feel like the news highlights overwhelming sadness, upheaval, and loss? Ever wish you could do something to change the world - which could mean simply offering a smile? Can you stay afloat? Well, you can. You're not drowning. You have a life vest inside. You might even forget it's there, until of course, someone reminds you or you remind yourself. Your life vest inside can save more than just you.

We are completely inspired by the work of Life Vest Inside, a group of like-minded people whose mission is to "create an exciting and accessible kindness experience, to grow more aware of the opportunities that surround us and recognize our potential to change the world, simply by changing ourselves."

Why a life vest? Founder and President, Orly Wahba shares, "A life vest has the ability to stay afloat regardless of how much one may push down upon it. Our life vest, our ability to overcome our hardships, to make it through comes from 'inside.' Through the kindness we bestow on others, through the kindness others bestow upon us – we help keep each other afloat in the stormy seas of life."

Alas, pay it forward by living kindness. Be empathetic. Compassionate. Connect. Smile. Share. Give. Support. Listen. Laugh. Love. Empower. Inspire.

And perhaps nearest and dearest to our hearts (pressed right up on our life vest) is the work Life Vest Inside is doing with children in schools. If you are in any way, shape or form, involved in the lives of children, you can't miss the opportunity to engage in their educational outreach.

Life Vest Inside's Educational Kindness Curriculum is thoughtfully designed to "combat the various social and emotional issues plaguing the youth of today's time. Bullying, substance abuse, peer pressure, and suicide are just a few of the many issues that teens and tweens are dealing with on an everyday basis. While there are programs developed as anti-bullying, anti-drug, and so forth – these programs only deal with the problem once it becomes a problem. Life Vest Inside acts to prevent such issues from materializing." You can register a school HERE.

You're floating, aren't you? Floating with kindness that can never be stripped from you and for as much as you give to others, you'll always have more to keep you afloat.

See how it works:
Come float with us:
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  1. Thanks for sharing that great video from Life Vest. It was beautifully made and very inspiring. I like how it show clearly shows the power of paying it forward.

  2. So beautiful.  Thank you.  Lovely message that I will be sharing with others. 

  3.  Beautifully said. Thanks so much! Isn't it empowering and wonderful to think of how easy it is to make another person's day? Happy seeing beautiful!

  4.  Thanks so much for sharing. I have learned this is something you live by, so I have no doubt you like they're message. It's wonderfully positive and can really make a difference! Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. What an amazing organization! I love the idea that kindness can make a can!!!

  6. It takes so little to give so much.

  7. Great article! Thank you for sharing!

  8.  Thanks so much for visiting, Travis. Life Vest Inside is a great organization, and after visiting your wonderful site, I can see it being something you'd enjoy. We love your mission and can't wait to see what you're up to next. Happy seeing beautiful!

  9.  Aren't they spectacular? I really love their educational curriculum and outreach to younger children. It's just wonderful. Of course, the image of a life vest inside is just plain fun too! Thanks so much for stopping by and happy seeing beautiful!

  10. Beautiful post! We need more organizations like this! Kids need more of these tools that an organization like Life Vest offers!

  11. Thanks Lydia! I agree completely, actually I'm an Advisory Board member with Life Vest Inside so I work closely with Orly and team. I love them and love that you posted this article about them!

  12.  Ha! That's too awesome! What a wonderful group to serve on the advisory board of inspiring. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Wow, what an amazing post.  You are always so insightful--I look forward to everything you share.  Thank you for sharing this truly significant information with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  14. Oh, thank you so much! I always find inspiration from your gorgeous pictures and quality writing on Rub Some Dirt on It, so I'm glad we can offer something to you! Happy seeing beautiful!

  15. Thanks for the note to my blog too!


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