Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Suddenly Seeing YOURSELF = LOVE

The first time we heard Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall, we knew - it was a See Beautifuller shoe-in! The lyrics scream see beautiful, though KT Tunstall belts the tunes beautifully. With every lyric she invites women to see, to give, to recognize the power you hold in your fingertips - let alone the rest of your body. This song, chosen as our February song of the month was a no-brainer. Love yourself. See the beauty you carry. Your face is a map of the world. Your world. And it's beautiful.

The song? Yes, it is beautiful. But as we did some digging on KT Tunstall herself, we found more beautiful. We were thrilled. Seeming to stay grounded in life, Tunstall is cognizant of the ever-important need to live her life to make the world a better place. She does this in many ways. We were also inspired by a quote from her website that illustrates the importance of always being true to yourself. Pop culture's expectations for anything, really, is for the birds. We second Tunstall's thinking:

“The best way I can describe it is that I felt I discovered the indigenous part of myself by going back to campfire dance music just as much as club dance music. When I grind my boot heel into the floor it’s connected to when I went clubbing in Berlin. Losing yourself in the middle of nowhere around a fire is no different to losing yourself surrounded by hundreds of people on a dancefloor.”

Some lyrics to leave you seeing beautiful:

"Her face is a map of the world, is a map of the world. You can see she's a beautiful girl. She's a beautiful girl. And everything around her is a silver pool of light. The people who surround her feel the benefit of it. It makes you calm.
She holds you captivated in her palm...

You can hear she's a beautiful girl. She's a beautiful girl. She fills up every corner like she's born in black and white. Makes you feel warmer when you're trying to remember what you heard. She likes to leave you hanging on her word...

She's got the power to be. The power to give. The power to see."

....and on a day in the United States that's heavily focused on talking about "love" and "valentine's", we share this reminder to love yourself. See yourself as beautiful. Empower yourself. The stronger you are, the stronger you can be for others. Love, Us.

Are you looking for a tangible reminder to see beautiful, or know someone who needs one? Check out our See Beautiful products (and feel good knowing a portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to charity. This month a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Somalia and American Funds for Education or S.A.F.E.). Click HERE.   


  1. Great song, beautiful song.

  2.  Aw, thanks, Goose! I could see you running through the woods listening to it! Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. I love KT Tunstall!  This song always gives me a beautiful feeling.

  4. So empowering.  Thank you for another uplifting post.  I shared with a group last night to visit your site.  I thought of you last night when in a group a woman said - I make an intention to see beautiful each day. 

  5.  Oh, Becky, thank you so much for sharing See Beautiful with others. It is so greatly appreciated. The way you help so many be inspired to find beauty all around them is inspiring to us, so this is really special that you could share our mission with others.

  6. Love her even more now that I feel I know her better...thanks for sharing!


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