Monday, March 12, 2012

14,000 Things To Be Happy About

14,000 Things To Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer

Picture Losing sight of seeing beautiful? Need a book that helps you focus on happy? Well, 14,000 things later, Barbara Ann Kipfer gives us lots of reasons to smile in her "happy book." We have fun opening the book to a random page, closing our eyes, and pointing to a spot on paper. Smiling as we reveal the "happy," it's often something that makes us think, " know, that does make us happy and we never thought about that!" That's seeing beautiful; finding happy in the often overlooked or mundane is awesome. Here are a few of the 14,000 things to be happy about from her book:
  • the bulge of athletes' muscles
  • moon tides
  • doodlebugs (what are these, by the way?)
  • milkshakes
  • paint-by-number kits
  • always wanting to be a kid when you grew up
  • bean lovers
  • being happy as a clam
These are a few wholesome nuggets of goodness! It makes you think though, "What would be in your list of 14,000 things to be happy about?"

You can create your own Happy List on an awesome website, Things To Be Happy About, HERE!
Happy, happy seeing beautiful!
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  1. Awesome! There are so many things that make us happy after all............if we could make up our list I am sure we would see beautiful in every minute! 
    Thank you, have a lovely and beautiful day!

  2. On my happy list:  having a conversation with a child.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my book and website!!!!!!! Take care, Barbara Ann Kipfer

  4. MOM wanedt to make sure I tell you first on her list is ME, I make her happy.  You know what?  She's first on my list too.  Good thing we have each other cuz that means every day is happy and BEAUTFUL of course.  One last thing Miss Lydia, did you notice in my last video post?  Did ya see it?  Right there around my neck, on my collar.  Yep "See Beautiful".  I wear it with a big smile.  And when dogs and people come up and ask me about it I smile real big and tell them all about Seeing Beautiful. 

  5. Thanks for sharing- what a cool website. Off to check it out now :)

  6. Great idea for a book!!  And I also don't know what a "doodlebug" is... or a "bean lover."  But still, I love this idea!

  7. MOM forgot to tell ya what a doodlebug is, round here we call them potato bugs or rolly-pullys.  You know those small armadillo shaped bugs (without the tail) that curl up in a ball when they feel threatened.  

  8. I LOVE this book!  I bought it quite awhile ago...but it is a great thing to go back and read from time to time!

  9.  Yay! It's just so fun to pick it up and think, "Oh, you're right! That is beautiful!" Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy seeing beautiful.

  10.  Oh, Goose! What would we do without your brilliance? Thanks for that help!

  11.  Us too. We love that they made us giggle. That's the best. Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing beautiful with us!

  12.  Oh, thanks so much! We work hard to bring more beautiful to the world (and help girls and women see the beauty they inherently possess). Thanks for stopping by. Happy seeing beautiful!

  13.  We have no doubt you're topping Mom's "Happy List," Goose. AND, we LOVED seeing your See Beautiful tag around your neck. We were beaming and felt so special and honored that you can wear it so beautifully! Happy seeing beautiful!

  14.  We love that! How can you see beautiful in every minute? It's there, just waiting for us to discover it. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful reflection and for stopping by!

  15.  WOW! We are so honored that you visited us! Talk about seeing beautiful, you just left us feeling even more beautiful and seeing even more happy. We have actually featured your book as our See Beautiful book of the month on our website. You can check it out here:

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Your book was an absolute shoe-in as a See Beautiful's!

  16. What a great recommendation!!!  Thanks for paying ti forward...:)JP


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