Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Break Down of Syllables

Teaching children to count syllables in a word can be tough. Quick tip: Have the child put a hand under his/chin. Every time the chin touches the hand, a syllable can be counted. A child can use his/her other hand to count the syllables. Sometimes grown-ups have trouble counting syllables too, or perhaps we're just not thinking about them in terms of helping us better understand the word. Here's a breakdown we can all appreciate.


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  1. This is absolutely fabulous! Beautiful breakdown ladies - One to put on our walls! 
    Thanks for showing beautiful so many different ways. I see the world differently thanks to you.

  2.  Yay! Thanks so much for your comment. We appreciate your sentiments so much. We see the world differently via the input we receive from you too! Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Oh how MOM liked that.  I try to be-me-to-the-full.  Runnin' a little low lately, but I hope to fill up real soon.  
    BEAUTFUL post, I'm going to share it with all I meet today.

  4.  Oh, Goose, we're thinking about you so much! Please know there are so many see beautful thoughts headed your way!

  5.  Goose, hope you are Runnin' alittle more like yourself soon. We will send a prayer up for you and your Mom!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!