Monday, March 26, 2012


Monday morning. You're in a rush. You're flying out the door, feeling disheveled. Forget your makeup? Feeling like because it's missing you're off to a rough start to the week. Well, it's time to stop that feeling, our friend...
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  1. Yes, agreed. Sometimes, though, it is fun to accentuate your outward beauty, but NOTHING is ever needed to bring out your inner or outer beauty but you! Let it rip ladies.... enjoy the raw and un-prepped YOU!!!!!

  2. I love playing with make-up, but I see it as a hobby, not something I need to do coz I'm ugly lol!  Natural and inner beauty is something we all have :)

  3. I just saw this after quickly putting on some makeup - not for me, but because it feels like it's expected sometimes. Thanks for the reminder that we're beautiful without the makeup!

  4. Great reminder & lovely photo.  Thanks for sharing...

  5. I must say Miss Lydia I do not know to much about this makeup stuff.  I have never used it, didn't see the need.  And as for MOM well she gave it up a long time ago, I mean  A LONG time ago.  I figure just as well, more time that she can spent with me.  Instead of her putting on makeup she spends that time giving me belly rubs and lots of hugs and loves.  Now that's what I call beautful!
    PS- On Saturday I had MOM take a special photo of me just for you, it's on my "A Spring Day" blog post.

  6. I REALLY REALLY LOVE this image!!!


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