Monday, April 30, 2012

They Will In a Minute...

Scene: Preschool, Circa 1990

Teacher: What are you drawing, dear?

Four-year-old precious girl: I'm drawing a picture of God.

Teacher: Well, (chuckle) no one knows what God looks like.

Four-year-old precious girl: They will in a minute.

(It's okay to give yourself a moment to chuckle before moving on...go ahead, we'll giggle with you.)
When did we stop growing our creative capacity for understanding? When did we let go of our own ability to believe in ourselves and the world with unbridled confidence? Let's remain children, shall we? Shed fear and embrace confidence. Renew your four-year-old creative capacity to run through the world, arms flailing, feet barefoot (as long as you're not running around downtown in a busy city or through a glass recycling center), and smiles from ear to ear. What do we have to lose by living? Might someone look at you differently? Hmmm...does that matter? Tip the scale, live to LOVE not to fear. For we don't make mistakes in this life, only discoveries.

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  1. It is always wonderful to see the self-confidence in a child. As you say... we need to preserve this forever! I am on the love side... so I hope it helps till the scale a tad.!...:)

  2. I'm jumping on the scale Miss Lydia!  Now you know I am going to tip it in the favor of the love side.  The only thing we have to lose is the fear.  Good riddance I say.  It's never helped much of anything anyway.  

  3. I want to hang out with that little girl. She's hilarious.

  4. Perfect love drives out FEAR!!! PTL

  5. "What do we have to lose by living?"  I love it!!!

  6. That made me smile. Thanks!


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