Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snakes Can Be Beautiful

You might remember us writing about a certain puppy who likes to entertain himself with a certain item who certainly makes us laugh (if you don't, visit here). Well, enter See Beautiful - yet still sneaky - Snake from our wonderful friend, Goose, from Gospel of Goose. Goose randomly selected See Beautiful to win some amazing goodies and taking after Goose's own Sneaky Snake, one arrived for this certain puppy. The mischief that these two have conjured up over the past couple weeks has been hysterical and brought so much seeing beautiful into our lives. It's time you were brought into seeing how snakes can be beautiful too.

Part 1: Without See Beautiful - yet still sneaky - Snake, there is mischief. 

Part 2: Enter See Beautiful - yet still sneaky - Snake. Someone starts getting blamed for things...

* This is EXACTLY how we found See Beautiful Snake.

Part 3: Who knows what See Beautiful - yet still sneaky - Snake has in store!

Alas, snakes can make you laugh. They can make you see beautiful in your pets. They can make you love your pets more than you thought you already could. Yeah, snakes are beautiful.

A big thanks to Goose, at Gospel of Goose, for creating such a fun relationship. We were sorry to read about your Sneaky Snake molting yesterday. We're sure you've got something cool up your sleeve as your Sneaky Snake sheds its skin.


  1. Oh YES Snakes can and are beautiful.  You should see how BIG my smile is as I see Buddy and Lilly with Beautiful Snake.  There is joy in my heart.  As for my Sneaky Snake and his molting.  Well he has an appointment with the surgical team on Friday.  Which is cool.  But I still think he is BEAUTFUL no matter what his face looks like.  

  2. Silly, slithering, slimy, sneaky, soft, scaly, shiny, smooth,speckled, stitchable,  SNAKES.... but this beautiful snake appears to be one happy fella. Looks like some fun days ahead.

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