Monday, June 4, 2012


The acronym B.Y.O.B. is often understood as "Bring Your Own Beverage." While that acronym can still apply, we found a new thought to enter your mind upon hearing this. Be Your Own Beautiful. BYOB. That's much more fun than bring a beverage to a get together. What if you brought your own beautiful to a get together? That's refreshing - more refreshing than a ice cold beverage in the middle of an Arizona parking lot on the forth of July. When we bring beautiful we bring ourselves in our truest form. We strip away the silly standards of pop culture and free up space to embrace ourselves and others with so much more love and joy. Next time you throw a party, don't feel bad asking your guests to BYOB. It will be a wonderful party. You would do well to always remember to BYOB to their gatherings as well. Happy seeing beautiful!
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  1. Well all this time I thought it was Bring Your Own Bone.  But I like your idea a lot!  Or how about this... are you ready?  BYOBB- Bring Your Own Beatutful Bone.  huh what do you think?

  2. I like your BYOB definition much better. In college, it meant "Bring your own beer." Beautiful fits in much better now in my life!

  3. What a great post! Sorry I haven't been by your blog lately it's kind of been a zoo. With my arts festival show things the last couple of weeks have been crazy. Now that it's done life can get back to a little slower pace. I love this post because it's so true. What if we all brought our beautiful? Wouldn't it be truly amazing and think of all the amazing things that could happen as a result!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!