Monday, June 18, 2012

Making the Best with what You've Got

Lemons? Make lemonade.

Rain? Gotta have it to make a rainbow.

Sore? You can feel.

Wrinkles? Laugh lines. Wisdom. Experience.

Junk? Another's treasure.

Lost? Just wandering.

Mistake? Really a discovery.

                                                                         Source: Uploaded by user via Anastasia on Pinterest

Be happy with us? 
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  1. I LOVE THIS!! I totally agree we can change every situation into a beautiful opportunity and start to see life with new lenses. 
    It's great seeing beautiful with you! Happy Day

  2. What a great reminder! It's so true that the way we view life circumstances makes all the difference in how we feel and respond to them. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. True True True!  Every word is true.  My MOM really tries to live a complaint free life.  She says when you complain about rain or being sore or making mistakes or wrinkles you miss the beauty that are associated with all the things you mentioned.  

  4. Such a gift to be able to do that ALL the time. Some of us succeed some of the time, so, this is a great reminder. 

  5. These are so true. I had only heard of the first one about the lemons, but I like them all!

  6.  This is so very true! Thanks for posting this important reminder!

  7. I love inspiration quotes like these. I can't help but get cheered up.

  8. I love this! It's like "change your thoughts, and you've changed your world." Happy seeing beautiful!

  9. Love this quote -- such a great reminder!  Thank you.  


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