Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three Beds Are Better Than One

Who said one bed was all we needed? Why use one bed when you've got three? We personally appreciate the resourcefulness of this creative little fella. If it's there, you gotta use it. Waste not. Want not - though we think he'd quickly ask for a fourth bed and a fifth and find a way to use them. Are you a one bed person or a three bed kinda sleeper?
P.S. Yes, he's also backed up to the ottoman giving himself and his sister access to a king size bed as well. We humans are merely a conduit for comfortable sleeping. Mattress companies might just rethink their marketing. 
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  1. Hello dear friend!
    Yes it has been a while. I had a blog break and I am still not feeling I have come back to blogging complitely...

    Your post is delightful as well as this clever dog. One has to know how to be comfortable ; )

    lots of love to you from Norway

  2. Is that my friend Buddy?  He sure is one smart pup.  See we dogs see all the wonderful possibilities before us and we seize the day.  

  3. My dogs ALWAYS have's the only way! ...:)JP

  4. Woof! Woof! Can totally relate ... COMFORT is sure very important. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  5.  Oh, Sugar, we know you can relate! You've got comfy, supportive sand rocking under your belly! We musn't let Buddy or Lilly know this. :)

  6. You got that right, Goose! Your friend Buddy is super-duper smart. Buddy wakes up EARLY every morning to remind us it's a carpe diem day. ;)

  7.  Most wonderful to hear from you, Demie! I understand easing your way through the blogging world. We're so happy your back and continue to be ever-inspired by your blog! Happy seeing beautiful!

  8.  Keeper of stars and toilet paper and sleeping and treats and balls and patience and laughter and all things great. His sister is keeper of our hearts.

  9. Wow! Our dog got the foot of our bed in between us. Slowly he pushed his way up though and took the middle of the bed!!


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